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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Sean Penn’s Book On A Character’s Life That Mirrors His Own

Sean Penn is known for his fantastic films. However, he recently did something a bit out of the ordinary: he wrote a book. His book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, was written mostly by dictation. During a phone interview, Penn says that he never really learned how to use a computer, and ribbon was no longer being made for the typewriter that he had grown accustomed to using. Therefore, dictation seemed like the obvious choice for him. Even though he had spent one night writing his book by hand, Penn said that his mouth moves faster than his hands, so dictation seemed to be the obvious answer. Penn’s work has been compared to that of other authors.


When asked if he feels as though he has been influenced by some authors – namely, Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski, Penn basically declined to answer. Quoted as saying that the questions as to whether or not he has been influenced by other authors is a conversation he’s “not interested in,” Penn decided to leave that door open for readers to decide that answer for themselves. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is about a blue-collar worker who doubles as an assassin. Bob Honey is divorced and is not on good terms with his ex-wife.


He is a regular guy who, although divorced, still seeks the attention of a woman.By day, Bob is a regular septic tank salesman – a pretty normal, boring job. By night, Bob is a skilled killing machine. Many people see parallels in Bob’s story and in Sean Penn’s own life. Penn calls Bob “Papa Pariah.” Pariah is a word meaning “outsider” or “outcast.” This title could reflect the way that Penn feels about himself, being that he is estranged from his children.


Another character in the story that closely resembles a real-life character is that of The Landlord. Many feel that this character is supposed to be a parody of President Donald Trump because both men wield much power, and those who oppose the Landlord and President wish to impeach them.

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