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Igor Cornelsen Is A Determined Brazilian Investor With Plenty Of Experience

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian Investor and Investment Advisor who was born in Brazil in 1947. He later decided to get an education at the Federal University of Parana, which is an engineering school. A couple of years after attending the school, he decided to switch his field of study to economics. After graduating from the same university, he went to work with an investment bank and put his newly acquired knowledge and skills to work. Eventually, he came to sit on the Board of Directors at Multibanco and then became the company’s CEO in 1976. He left the company after it was acquired by Bank of America and went on to work with Unibanco, but he eventually landed at Libra Bank PLC.

Today, he works for himself at his own investment firm where he serves as an investment manager and owner who takes care of all of the daily work there.

When asked where the idea for his investment advising career came from, Igor Cornelsen commented that it came from his own experience serving as an investment banker. Not only did he manage funds that were invested in the stock market, but he also had plenty of other direct experience that made the business choice a good match. His typical day begins in the early morning in Sao Paulo when the European markets are just beginning to open. He spends some time then looking into global news and studying the economy as well as different companies. He then makes the necessary changes in his portfolio and also meets up with colleagues as well as friends to educate each other about the happenings in the world.

Igor Cornelsen brings his own ideas to life by paying attention to the kinds of economies that are looking up and making key investments in them. He also sells off any of his investments that are in countries where he feels a drop will be happening related to economic factors or politics. He loves discovering a new trend before others do and has made himself and others quite a bit of money from doing so.

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