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AI-based Softwear Increases Sales for Online Stores

The topic of artificial intelligence or AI for short is on the rise across the industries of marketing as well as online retail, to name a few. AI holds a lot of promise for those industries due to the rising levels of efficacy that developers have been able to create and put into software for online retailers to use.

Using I software to enhance sales is not unheard of but the extends of the AI in use has varied over the years. Previously services and online stores would have an artificial shopping consultant to answer some basic questions, but now that is not as necessary anymore with the rising social media conversations between stores and clients.

On the actual online store, however, there has been a need for something entirely different that had not been done before. Online stores have started to undergo a significant change as they are transitioning in the complexity of how it all works behind the scenes. Online stores are required to evolve as the consumer crowd changes in behavior and preferences.

Consumers change all the time as the industry progresses and more things become available to them. Studies have shown that one of the biggest changes due to the progression of technology and the internet is that consumers have grown to be rather impatient. The study has also shown that the average consumer has an average attention span of 8 seconds when browsing an online store. That leaves very little room to impress every individual client with one and the same website as every person is unique.

This is where AI-based software comes into play. Such software is slowly getting on the rise in the business of online retail. The owners of online stores do not yet realize the power of such software for the most part, but those who do and use it are in for success.

AI-based software, such as the one from the company Sentient AI, has the power to personalize the experience of each client by swiftly collecting data about them as it goes off of the clicks and time spent browsing through categories or a certain product. The software is able to figure out what the client wants and show it to them immediately.

AI-based software for online stores can increase the sales rate significantly. Merchandisers need to get in on the advancements in order to keep up with consumers.


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