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The Growth And Expansion Of Talos Energy

Earlier this year, Talos Energy, LLC and Stone Energy Corp. were to merge to form a larger organization which would have a new name. According to the reports about the deal, the transaction was valued at $1.9 billion and was to take place in the second quarter of this year. The headquarters of the new firm, Talos Energy, Inc, would be situated in Huston, Texas.

Some members of the team would be based in New Orleans and Louisiana. Timothy S. Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, LLC, would serve as the CEO after the merger. The board of directors would consist of ten members where six would be drawn from Talos while four from Stone Energy Corporation.

The new firm would become one of the largest in the world among others that specialize in exploration and production of energy. Talos Energy, Inc. would be symbolized as “TALO” in the New York Stock Exchange. The common shares that were due to the Talos shareholders were estimated to be about 34.2 million. According to the merging deal, 63% ownership of the new company will belong to the Talos shareholders while the remaining 37% will be for the Stone shareholders.

When the discussion for the merging was initiated in late last year, the stock price for the Stone shares was at $35.49. The large new firm would be valued at $2.5 billion. One of the objectives of the new organization would be to diversify the assets and increasing the wealth of its stakeholders.

Stone Energy’s Chairman, Neal P. Goldman, expressed his excitement about the merger and disclosed that it was part of the firm’s strategic plans. According to him, the shareholders will benefit a lot from the move. On the other hand, the Talos Chief Executive Officer revealed that one of the areas that the new firm would focus on was the maximization of capital efficiency.

The management at Talos has always implemented policies that were aimed at improving the welfare of the workers, and for that reason, the company has been ranked as one of the best working places in Houston for two consecutive years.

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Rebel Wilson, the Mega Star

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson popularity referred as Rebel Wilson is an incredible actress, writer, producer, and comedy queen. She was born in March 1980 in Australia’s New South Wales region, and her life is an excellent example of a successful career and personal life. Wilson has won the hearts of many people across the globe and garnered many fans.

She has overcome the numerous challenges in the acting industry to become a prominent actress in America and the world. Wilson has triumphed over the canceled shows, broken relationships, and her timid nature to rise to the world of fame and prominence. Although Wilson is a plus-size woman, she used it to her advantage –something that many women consider a disadvantage- to attain her career goals. Follow Rebel Wilson on Twitter and Instagram

In high school, Rebel Wilson was a mathematics guru and good with numbers. She went to college at the University of New South Wales and attained a degree in arts and law. Wilson pursued an acting career after a visit to South Africa while working for Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program.

In South Africa, she contracted a tropical disease, Malaria and in one of her Malaria-induced hallucinations, she dreamt of winning an Oscar as a leading actress. After this, Wilson had a conviction to join the acting profession. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Wilson attended the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) where she received an international scholarship and relocated to New York. She has featured in numerous comedy series and musicals such as Pizza, The Wedge, Pitch Perfect film series, Struck by lightning, and Bogan Pride.

These performances played a significant role in the various award nominations and honors she has received. In 2011, Wilson ranked among the top ten comics to watch out for in the year. In Hollywood, Wilson has made appearances in films such as Bridesmaids, Workaholics, and Bachelorette. Wilson uses the skills she learned in law school to negotiate contracts in her career.

One of the remarkable movies that Rebel Wilson features is an upcoming romantic comedy film named “Isn’t it Romantic.” Todd Strauss-Schulson is the film’s director while Erin Cardillo and Dana Fox are the writers. In addition to Rebel Wilson, others movie stars such as Adam DeVine and Priyanka Chopra feature in the movie. The movie will air in February 2019. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

It will be Valentine’s Day hit film. Isn’t it romantic is an epic film because a plus-size woman is a lead character unlike in other rom-com that plus-size girls feature as side chicks and best friends. Rebel Wilson makes history as the first plus-size woman to star in this genre.

Rebel Wilson-Natalie- is the main character in the movie. She is a cynical architect who hates rom-com and regards it as fantasy. As Natalie struggles with a thief, a pole knocks her to unconsciousness. She wakes up in fantasyland and spends a good part of the movie thinking of how she will get out of it. In the dreamland, Natalie gets in a love triangle with fellow actors Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine.

Steve Ritchie: Redefining the Future of Food Industry

Since Steve Ritchie became the CEO, he has concentrated on two broad visions. First, it is his vision to make Papa Johns the most visionary firms in the food industry and second, improve the company’s involvement in social issues around the USA. It is essential to appreciate the fact that the two components of Steve Ritchie are fast becoming a reality, thanks to his solid efforts and futuristic planning. Big companies such as Papa Johns are defined by the kind of leadership they have, and the CEO has not disappointed the spirit of the company. The company is still synonymous with exceptional services and an excellent working environment.

His inspiration to make Papa Johns the future of this particular industry is chiefly because he has a better understanding of the company’s business philosophy and the company’s journey. It is impressive to note that Steve Ritchie is one of the few employees that have worked for this company for more than two decades. This period has given Steve Ritchie a better understanding of the company’s ideals, work philosophy, and the company’s future. Ritchie points out that it is through Papa Johns that he has been able to interact with many different people with different work gifting. Ritchie admits that the company has been home to diversity and diversity is one of the strongest ideals of Papa Johns.

In line with the company’s approach to diversity and the fact that it is a home for diversity, Steve Ritchie points out that they are in the final stages of creating a foundation. The foundation according to him will enable the company to be an advocate for equality among different people. Although as a company, they have been home to different people, Steve Ritchie points out that society is not yet fully accommodative to one another. He believes that Papa Johns will redefine the integration debate by offering life-changing solutions to this reality.

Finally, the future of this company under the hands of Steve Ritchie can only be bright. For less than one year, he has been instrumental in restricting the managerial team and redefining the company’s global growth agenda.

Eric Lefkofsky is an Entrepreneur and Businessman Based Out of Chicago

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to have good ideas or at least one good idea that they can act on. Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known entrepreneur in the United States because he has many great ideas that he acted on passionately until they became a success. Originally born in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky grew up with a little family, but nonetheless, they were supportive of Eric’s dreams. Eric had big plans for his future and he wanted great success. After completing his education and attending Michigan University to earn his doctorate, Eric starting working on his entrepreneurial ideas.

Eric Lefkofsky was able to build his experience for a while in various different positions before he founded his first company, Inner Workings, a somewhat small printing company that worked with local businesses. These days, Eric Lefkofsky spends the majority of his time with a focus on his latest company, Tempus. Tempus is a company focused on using technology to aid in cancer research and the development of treatments down the road as they continue to build more data. Groupon is perhaps the most successful company that Eric has founded to date, which is valued at nearly 3 billion dollars.

There is little time for Eric throughout the day as he has many projects that he keeps up with on a regular basis. Tempus is an ongoing project that needs a lot of his attention and he not expressed any interest in selling off Groupon anytime soon. On top of his business prospects, Eric is also focused on philanthropy and has been for the majority of his career since finding success. Eric Lefkofsky runs his very own foundation with his wife known as the Lefkofsky Foundation. This organization was founded more than 12 years ago in 2006 and today the Lefkofsky Foundation has helped in hundreds of philanthropic projects around the world.

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The Magical Powers Of Sulfate Free Hair Care Shampoo

It comes a period in time when we are all tied if we should real condition our hair or we should not. At times we get advice that contradicts each other, and we left wondering about what are we required to do? Hair care entails quite a lot of things that need to be followed step by step if you are to achieve that maximum satisfaction with no breakages.

A lot of things have been said and done ranging from taking a healthy diet to constantly trimming hair after every fortnight as good hair maintenance tips. Other tips include only combing your hair while it is still wet since combing when dry might cause hair loss, and avoiding a lot of heat or completely keeping off heat. Have any of these tips worked for women? Are they timely? Or, are they rewarding? How much energy is required to get all this done? The best to this questions is Wen by Chaz Haircare.

The magical powers of Wen by Chaz can never be underestimated especially in Haircare. Wen by Chaz Haircare is a Haircare product with five magical properties in a single product. These are leave-in conditioners, deep hair conditioner, conditioner, detangles and shampoo. According to, Wen by Chaz Haircare ensures it has left hair well hydrated and clean that leaves an individual with no worries.

Most of the shampoos we use in our daily hair care missions contain sulfates. Sulfates are always added in Shampoos to get lather well with hair. What they never mention is that this sulfates leave hair very dry and encourages breakages which we are all trying to avoid.

The case is different with LA stylist Chaz Dean. Wen by Chaz does not lather with hair meaning it does not contain sulfates but offers magical cleaning properties with assuring quality together with no breakages. For sure, Wen by Chaz Haircare is the ultimate solution. Subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel for more hair care tips.

HThe Block 7 Consortium Is Developing Deep And Shallow Water Assets That Bring High Impacts In The Emerging Basins

Talos Energy, Premier Oil and Sierra Gas and Oil have signed a PUA or Pre-Unitization Agreement that are in relation to the contiguous Block 7 and Pemex that have a current contract to share productions. The Mexico Southeast Basin contain both of these offshore areas.

According to the new regulatory and legal revamped framework, this is the first pre-unitization agreement that has ever been signed in Mexico. This agreement is good for two years and actually enables the parties to share information that relates to Zama discovery and the Pemex’s extension for the neighboring block. This agreement sets a clear path for the Unit Agreement and Operating Unit Agreements to be signed so that a reservoir may be confirmed. This establishes a process that defines international practices so the results can determine each party’s participation for the potential developments overall.

Both parties agreements will result in the Working Group to be immediately formed. This agreement will maximize the informational and operational efficiencies which define the group’s activities for reducing any potential hazards, and the collection of area data. This will all benefit Mexico. The technical and legal representatives will be comprised by the company’s members

The Ministry off Energy or SENER has previously approved the PUA or The Pre-Unitization Agreement.
Mexico largest company is Pemex. The entire chain actually operates through the industries such as production and exploration -upstream-to the transformations of industrial logistics and downstream marketing.
Sierra Gas and Oil actually owns about 40% of the Block 7 Consortium. Premier Oil owns about 25% and the Talos Energy Company owns about 35% of the interest in the Block 7 Consortium.

A technically driven production and independent exploration company that operates in the Gulf of Mexico and the United States of America is Talos Energy. The company’s focus is to develop deepwater and shallow assets that are near the existing infrastructure. The coast of Mexico’s shallow waters provides the company with exploration impacts that are high in the emerging basins.

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Sheldon Lavin Contribution Towards OSI Food Processing Industry.

Sheldon Lavin shines in various fields including Leadership, team building, International Operations, traveling and motivational skills. Sheldon Lavin had a passion in the financial consultation field; he launched his own company before joining Otto and sons company that later expanded to be the current OSI Group. Over the years Lavin has been elected in various organizations where he serves in top executive positions, for instance, he is the CEO and the president of OSI Group LCC which is located in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin also serves as a general trustee and a director of Rush University medical center and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation respectively. In all the posts which he has been entrusted with Lavin dedicates himself to change the status of the association.

Through his profession, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Visionary Award during his reign at OSI Group LCC. Lavin transformed OSI Group from being a domestic food processing company to an international company with its products being produced and distributed in more than sixty facilities in 17 countries. OSI Group has also managed to employ over 20,000 employees who collaborate in ensuring that the company’s objectives are met and that the consumers are satisfied with the products and services they offer. Employees benefit from working at OSI group since their well-being is always a top priority.

OSI Group serves a wide range of customers internationally, and the Chief Executive Officer has established a marketing strategy using modern technology to ensure that all the customers’ tastes and preferences are met. OSI has been ranked among the leading food producing companies by considering the needs of the consumer hence boosting customers’ confidence to buy more products.

Sheldon Lavin supports the following charitable organization as an act of giving back to the community, his support is in the form of money, time and services. He also ensures that the funds reach the venerable people and is used for the intended purpose.

• Ronald McDonald House Charities- as a trustee
• The Goodman Theatre- a board member
• Rush University Medical Center- a board member
• The Sheba Foundation- President and Director.

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Brian Torchin Makes Staffing Easier For Medical And Law Practices

Before founding HCRC Staffing Brian Torchin was a practicing chiropractor who trained at New York Chiropractic College. He also holds a degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware.

Torchin founded HCRC Staffing in 2007 upon recognizing the medical community’s need for a job recruiting service. He explained that one of the reasons that medical professionals have difficulty finding employment is because most healthcare providers do not advertise for help in public forums. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

Also serving the legal profession HCRC promises its global client base that within three days of posting a job opening the position will be filled. Not just a way of recruiting doctors and nurses HCRC accepts postings for a variety of medical professionals and office staff. Law offices can recruit everything from lawyers to receptionists and every legal professional in between.

Running his own practice showed Brian Torchin what a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task assembling a staff can be. By handling the recruiting and hiring process for them HCRC Staffing frees clients to focus on practicing medicine or the law.

In part, Brian Torchin uses his social media accounts as an extension of the HCRC Staffing site. His Facebook page and Twitter feed contain listings of job openings. A personal photo on Facebook shows Torchin sporting a martial arts black belt. A second snapshot features a sign for one of a chain of Dojos called Balance Studios. On the sign “Brian Torchin” appears below the name Balance Studio.

A link on his Facebook page takes you to the Twitter feed of an organization Torchin supports. The Healthcare Rights Coalition works to thwart any attempts at repealing the Affordable Care Act commonly called “Obama Care”.

Torchin’s blog on features entries in which he shares his insights on multiple aspects of running a medical or law practice.

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Marc Beer & Renovia: Clear For Innovation

Marc Beer, a man of many feats, initially received his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Miami University before delving into the innovation industry. The 54 year old is currently the CEO, co-founder and Chairman of Renovia Inc. with over 25 years of experience in commercialization and evolution in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and device industries. Prior to his co-founding of Renovia, Marc Beer became the founding CEO of ViaCel during April of 2002. ViaCel is a biotechnology company specializing in the accumulation, conservation, and development of umbilical cord blood stem cells. During a duration of only seven years, he managed to lead the company from its initial commencement to an expeditious expansion and vigorous mercantile coordination. Led by Marc’s leadership, the company expanded to more than 300 employees, and ultimately became public in 2005. The company was conclusively adopted in 2007 by PerkinElmer.


Prior to Marc’s role within Genzyme, he acquired various sales and marketing duties in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors of Abbott Laboratories. Additionally, he was formerly a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as he served on the Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section Governing Board. Marc Beer also previously served as a meticulous consultant to OvaScience, which announced their merging with Millendo Therapeutics.


During his employment as the CEO of ViaCell, Marc additionally served as a constituent of the board of directors at Erytech Pharma, which is a public bio-pharmaceutical company. Prior to ViaCell, Marc acquired numerous appointments within Genzyme. His most recent position was the Vice President of Global Marketing, where he was accountable for the commercial commencement of various products conveying rare disease societies worldwide. Furthermore, Marc was also the founder and Chairman of the board of directors of the compensation committee of Good Start Genetics, Inc. which was newly acquired by InVitae.


Renovia Inc. is set to proceed with with the production of various products associated with pelvic floor disorders. Recently, the company closed a $32 million Series B round, which is the second round of financing for a business through any type of investment, including private equity investors and venture capitalists. One of the early investors in Renovia was Longwood Fund, with their funding contributing to the testing and development of four additional diagnostic and therapeutic products. Longwood Fund is an investing group which primarily focuses on health care. Additionally, the company received $10 million in venture debt.


Renovia Inc. is fabricating several diagnostic and therapeutic products aimed at treating pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. Researchers estimate that this disease affects over 250 million women globally. In April of 2018, the company received its initial Food and Drug Administration approval for Leva, their first product. Learn more:


Marc Beer was nothing less than thrilled and appreciative of the new funding and support. He articulated how he intends to lead Renovia’s development by combining innovation as well as proprietary sensor technologies with a “digital health platform”.


Paul Mampilly And His Banyan Hill Team Know Why U.S Corporations Are An Endangered Species

According to the Wilshire 500 Index, there were close to 7,500 listed companies in the United States in 1998. Two decades later this number has more than halved with the index reporting that there are only 3,599 listed companies. This situation is further aggravated by attention investor’s attention has only concentrated on the 100 most profitable listed firms. Paul Mampilly and his team at Banyan Hill Publishers attribute this to the investor’s shortsightedness.

Endangered species

Paul Mampilly echoes Warren Buffet’s opinion when he said that the investors are slowly killing these corporations when they demand for consistent short-term earnings. This stops these listed companies from concentrating on revolutionary and even more profitable but long term business goals.

This derails the company’s objectives as they concentrate on pleasing their investors with quarterly and semi-annual profits. These expert traders explain believe that the company’s shift from its set objectives has seen most of them sink into oblivion. Thus the term endangered species.

Effects on the economy

The dwindling number of publicly listed companies has far-fetched repercussions that stretch beyond company profits. According to Paul Mampilly, the thirst for more profits by investors at the expense of company objectives has seen previously listed company’s revert to privatization in droves. It has also discouraged more startups from going public and created a boom for the deep-pocketed venture capitalists.

More importantly, it has killed innovation and delayed the roll-out of revolutionary technologies. He gives a case in point where a U.S company is sitting on a technology that can revolutionize energy sector by increasing efficiency and curbing carbon monoxide emissions. Its inventors, however, believe that investor’s greed for profits between the production period and mass adoption may throw them off tracks and thus avoid an IPO.

About Paul Mampilly

Before venturing into private practice, in what he refers to as ‘Taking the wall street to the main street,’ Paul worked in the finance investments industry. At the height of his career, he managed Kinetics Asset Management, a $25 Billion enterprise. He is, however, concerned about the concentration of wealth in Wall Street, and has since taken the initiative to educate the general public, freely, through magazines, journey publications, and seminars about how to make a fortune trading in the money markets.

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