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Luke Lazarus is a professional business consultant who helps small time businesses to develop and get off the ground. He has graduated with a degree in money, business, and accounting and has used these three principals to provide information to small cap companies who are struggling to swim.

Luke Lazarus has invested over ten years of his life into perfecting the process of giving a helping hand to self employed business owners and successfully so. He has a seasoned background due to his plethora of experience accumulated from the nearly twenty years of getting the backs of our fellow man. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

His goal is ultimately to combine the story of the organization and the business system with the product they are selling so that when they fish for investors their story blends in perfectly with the product they are touting. Luke Lazarus also looks over their financial statements and writes a compelling script to offer the potential investors who show interest in the small business.

When Luke Lazarus wakes up in the morning he tries to meditate for at least ten minutes to start the day off right before jumping into his rigorous work schedule. After his meditation he typically starts checking his emails, walks his dog, makes coffee, and makes mental notes of what to do for the day that lies before him.

After this regimen he always goes to the gym to do a workout that he claims is necessary seven days a week. When he does receive a consultation opportunity he realizeses that he only has a limited time so it is his goal to make every last minute count.

The work schedule from there on out could look like one eight hour day or an eight week project but no matter the time frame the goal is to create a big break for his clients. To become razor productive Luke Lazarus takes specific notes for each of his clients in order to have a clear agenda for how to best execute the plan for their business plan in as little time as possible.

His main goal with each of his clients to to create an emotion oriented story that makes their potential investor tick in the right direction. In his estimation the foundation to success is making the product seamlessly blend with the hypnotic story structure to get and keep the attention of the ears that are listening and the eyes that are watching.

Luke Lazarus is a strong believer in connecting the product with experiential and emotional connotations because this supposively adds value to what ever it is that thecustomer is looking to buy. He sees this as a growing business tactic and is keen to drive the trend to its full potential.

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