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Liu Qiangdong Has Used His Great Business Vision To Shape The Fortunes Of

Today, Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of one of the world’s largest and most influential retail outfits. This is none other than China’s own, the country’s biggest operator in the area of e-commerce. Liu Qiangdong founded the business in 1998, starting off small but diligently building it into what is today one of the world’s largest and most forward-thinking retailers. He came from a working-class background and attained his college education at the People’s University of China where he studied the field of sociology. Computer programming and coding were also major points of emphasis for him. Through Liu Qiangdong’s vision, is now a company known for continually lifting the ball as far as the retail sector is concerned. Much of this has been accomplished by revolutionizing the way that retail logistics are handled. Liu Qiangdong has always been an out of the box thinker as he was an early adopter of the concept of e-commerce and this has helped to become a leader in this area.

Hussain Sajwani And His Pearls Of Wisdom

Hussain Sajwani has proven himself to be more than capable when it comes to being a businessman. He is one of the few people in the world who has cracked the ceiling and has risen above most other business people. He is one of the world’s billionaires, as well as one of the world’s most successful men from the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani has many pearls of wisdom when it comes to running a company, which is why he is so successful. In a recent interview, he shared some of these pearls of wisdom.

One of the most important things is to embrace is diversity. Diversity is one of the biggest priorities because the existence of diversity creates an environment where the flow of ideas and creativity is encouraged. In a more homogeneous environment, people may be pressured into conforming and not being creative. Also, not having diversity sends a really negative message to the world and to business partners. This is especially true in today’s day and age where diversity is the thing that is being preached as the right thing to strive for. Also, it is only right to have diversity. After all, if your company operates all over the world and serves clients of all backgrounds, it’s the most fair thing to have employees that represent those different groups of people.

Another pearl of wisdom that leads to the DAMAC owner’s success is the idea that one should make small changes that make big results. For example, if you want diversity, all you have to do is hire people from different countries and backgrounds. You don’t have to go out on a limb and start badmouthing people who do things differently than you or have different outlooks. Madonna, the singer, should take a lesson from the DAMAC owner and others like him. You don’t see Hussain Sajwani threatening to blow up the White House! That is because he is a wise businessman who is emotionally stable and sensible.

Rebel Wilson to Star in a Romantic Movie

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress. She attended the Australian Theatre for Young People and graduated in 2003. She was born in 1980 and grew up with three siblings. She revealed in an interview that she was a shy child. She developed confidence when she realized that she could not go far without it. She forced herself to speak more, join debate clubs, and interact with people.

Before long, she was comfortable around people and developed a sense of humor. She was shy in high school, and her teacher encouraged her to enter a creative competition. Joining the group improved her confidence and social skills. She thanks her high school teacher for encouraging her to join the competition.

Rebel Wilson went to a Christian girls’ school. They were encouraged to pursue their dreams and never give up. She feels lucky to be an age where girls can follow their dreams and be fulfilled. She said she feels sad when she sees a bright girl getting married too soon before realizing her dreams.

Rebel Wilson worked for Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program in Australia. She dreamt about winning an Oscar during a trip to South Africa. When she returned, she enrolled in Australian Theatre for Young People. Her acting skills developed and found her footing on the stage. Although she loved making people laugh, she did not pursue comedy.

In her first movie, Wilson thought she was playing a serious role until the audience started laughing. She was pissed that people were laughing at her but later realized that fat is funny. She started doing comedy and landed in Hollywood. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Fans are eagerly waiting for Rebel Wilson’s upcoming movie “isn’t it Romantic.” The plot of the movie is catchy and enticing. Wilson is the lead actress in the film. She plays the character of Natalie. After giving up on love, Natalie is trapped after she hits her head of a pole. She is an architect who works hard but does not get credit for good work. Instead, her employer demeans her and thinks she is not capable.


A mugger renders her unconscious, and when she wakes up, everything has changed. Suddenly she views the world in rose glasses. Other notable stars in the film include Priyanka Chopra, Vanessa Carlton and Liam Hemsworth.

Isn’t it Romantic was produced by Todd Strauss. Warner Ross released the first trailer to keep fans excited. It includes gay friends, music, and cute guys. After featuring in Pitch Perfect sequels, it was only a matter of time before she landed a leading role. Fans were pleased with her performance in Pitch Perfect and producers were looking for other roles for her.

Rebel Wilson is excited about the upcoming movie and invited her fans to theatres. Her hard work and dedication are paying off.

When she first joined the movie industry, she did not think that she could go far. However, she persevered and remained hopeful amid challenges. Rebel Wilson advises women to pursue their dreams and never give up.

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Talos Energy Oil & Gas Company

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company that dedicates its business to production and offshore exploration. It is an independent oil and gas company based on obtaining assets around and in the regions of the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. Talos Energy emphasizes exploitation, asset optimization and exploration.

They have a strategy and operating experience on the geophysical and ecological aspects in these Gulf regions. The goal of Talos is to obtain, explore and exploit the basin by using large propriety reprocessing methods and seismic database. This will enable them to improve performance on production of workover and recompletion projects. It will also increase their recovery of hydrocarbons using special completion methods and drilling. Talos will then be able to commit to achieving environmental compliance, safety and health in their business operations.

Working at Talos Energy is considered to be a top place to be employed. It offers job opportunities in production, exploration and corporate disciplines. They offer their employees flexible work schedules, benefits that are competitive, advancement opportunities, and other ways to improve a work and life balance. Talos Energy was ranked among the Top Workplaces in Houston from 2013 to 2017.

Talos Energy is able to ensure responsible development in the Gulf region. Back in 2014, Mexico had undergone a huge reform in energy. When privatization of markets and national assets lend itself to an increase in production and efficient companies the nationalization proponents complain that companies will exploit their power of being a monopoly. This can lead to ignoring the communities social welfare that they are intended to serve.

When the hindsight benefits were then available to Talos, by Mexico opening oil fields, it has provided an advantageous outcome of production and efficiency. Talos made the move to Zama 1 down South. It required an intensive look at their weaknesses as well as their strengths. Once this decision was made to become international, fracking was becoming used more and they had to ignore gains that were short-term to do their off-shore E and P.

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Ted Bauman: Activist, Editor And Expert

A writer and expert on both financial and emigration issues, Ted Bauman lives in Atlanta and currently serves as an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Born in the United States, he moved to South Africa to attend college, earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and stayed for another 25 years working at non-profit organizations.

Ted Bauman has a long history of helping under-served people find the resources they need and helping individuals live independent lives where they are not under the thumb of a government or a corporation. In particular, the organization Slum Dwellers Internationals, which he helped found, has helped millions of people in multiple countries.

A productive individual

After taking his daughter to school in the mornings, Ted Bauman gets straight to work. Operating from his home office, he reads, writes and researches on the topics of interest to his readers and also takes care of his editing duties. Generally, he works straight through until five pm. The mornings in particular are his most productive time, and he avoids distractions before noon and tries to avoid being bothered so that he can get things done.

Thoughts and philosophies

Ted Bauman often writes on topics related to finance, and these fields can be somewhat dry and technical to the lay reader. In order to connect, he works real-life examples into his books and essays so that readers can understand and stay engaged. He is encouraged that so many of his readers are asking why the global economy has long bent over backwards to please corporations and whether this is truly what is best for society.

As a young person, he worked tough jobs in restaurants, gas stations and other places of employment and learned what it means to do physical work for low pay in rotten conditions. This motivated him to look for a philosophy of economics where the people at the bottom are not trampled. If he could do things over again, he’d pay more attention to the technical aspects of economics during his early education.

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Gareth Henry

Heriot-Watt university is a educational institute that has been around for decades, it’s been up and running since the year 1821. Currently Heriot-Watt university is one of the United Kingdom’s most top universities for industry and business. Heriot- Watt university is established and well respected around the globe. They have been known to have the most talented and well educated graduates in science, engineering, business and having a leading edge of research staff. Gareth Henry, a Heriot-Watt university graduate who earned a BA in science and first-class honors in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics decided that he would give the school a special Scholarship and Mentorship program for a small group of chosen students. I am giving out one call per term if needed. “I will also give a good bit of advice on getting a job and career advice”. Says Gareth Henry. I hope that graduates can have faith in themselves and see what they can achieve with working hard in Actuarial Sciences.

Right now Gareth Henry lives in New York where he has worked in senior role investing relations for decades. He praises the relevance of the Actuarial Maths for giving at Heriot-Watt, especially for those who want to work in finance. He thinks that the Heriot-Watt program’s quantitative modeling and scholastic processes will be very useful in the future when it comes to learning about machine learning, and artificial Intelligence. Quantitative investing and robot advisory continue to grow. Gareth Henry hopes to see everything come to past.

The Actuarial science degree that is offered by Heriot-Watt university is one of the few accredited courses by the UK actuarial professions, for the people who earn great grades on the exams they are often exempted from taking other professional exams and this gives them a leg up. If the graduates qualify for UK actuaries, they can also get credits for the Society of Actuaries in North America. pretty neat huh?

Do you think that the new Mentorship Scholarship program for Hetiot-Watt university will be successful? Tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to share us with others to help brighten their day!

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Why Freedom Checks are Ideal

The market seems to be having an epidemic. If you have been keen in the recent times, you must have realized that there are so many people who are trying to urge you to consider investing in a scam. Most of these scams are very enticing to the people who are newbies in the market. The opportunities always promise the investors easy ways of earning wealth in just hours or less. Many people have fallen victim to these dangerous scams. Those who have chosen this wrong path, live in regrets because of the losses they get at the end of the day. The fear in investors has gone up too. Because wise investors do not want to waste their money and resources in false opportunities, they have closed the door to many other real ideas that are good in the market such as freedom checks. According to investment experts, the scammers in the market will present themselves in multi-level marketing platforms, binary options and several other schemes that promise very good returns. People from all age groups currently have access to the internet in almost all parts of the world. The availability of this wonderful technology has resulted to many scams in the global market.

While many investors in the market have chosen to hide their wealth and be safe from scammers, experts such as Matt Badiali have brought the good news everyone wants to hear. The businessman, who is associated with Banyan Hill Publications, has brought several business ideas that are valid and at the same time lucrative to the American investor. People who have worked with Matt Badiali in the past know that most of the wealth advice he has been giving is real. Freedom Checks is one of the ideas that have been making Matt Badiali popular in the American competitive market. Freedom Checks, according to financial experts is an easy way of ensuring that an individual gets real wealth by investing just a little amount of money in companies that are dealing with metals. Freedom Checks have worked for many individuals in the recent years. Experts are now advising all people who are about to retire to invest some of their money in this platform so that they can be living a happy life after retirement.

Serge Belamant

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant is considered to be the Bill Gates of the Republic of South Africa. Born in 1953 in Tulle, France; Serge Belamant moved to South Africa where he learned to speak and write English. As a young boy, Serge was a smart individual who excelled in multiple subjects that included science, chess, as well as rugby, and won several rewards that include becoming the Victor Ludorum in 1971 as well as finishing sixth place in the South African Chess School Championships in 1972.

With time, Serge Belamant went on to University where he switched his major a total of three times which range from engineering to computer science and mathematics, and lastly informational systems. Unfortunately, due to many of his credit hours not transferring over from Witwatersrand University to the University of South Africa, he made a deliberate decision to enter the workforce. Soon after, Serge Belamant got offered a job at Matrix which was a large civil engineering company at the time, and it was here where he created software to analyze the dam’s water levels throughout the Republic of South Africa.

In 1980 as well as 1982, Serge was awarded the analyst of the year as well as the Systems Analyst award of the year, and went on to create various programs that range from a new National ATM switch for RSA banks to pioneering an idea that reversed the communications protocols for South African banks connected to the switch. In 1989 Serge Belamant founded Net1 Technologies, where he put one of his first achievements to use which was the Funds Transfer Systems (FTS). After a couple of years, his company had its first breakthrough when VISA hired them to invent a program that combined both of his two technologies resulting in the COPAC also known as the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card. COPAC is where Serge Belamant became the founding patent holder of blockchain technologies.

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VP Nicholas Krafft & Paris Fashion

The business leaders over at L’Oréal have really put in a lot of work this past year to assemble fashion shows that were far from traditional. Take a look here for a full article from L’Oréal about their recent Parisian fashion event. The event was part of the company’s second annual fashion and beauty show, and it was open to the public. If spectators weren’t able to attend, the company took the time to send out drones to screen it to 30 countries around the world.

There are plenty of people involved in the decisions that make events like this happen. One person worth mentioning is L’Oréal’s current VP of Global Business Development, Nicholas Krafft Loreal. In addition to the other positions he has held with the company, Nicholas Krafft has prepared for his role through studying and training at top notch institutions. According to Crunchbase, a site that displays statistics and records about industry leaders, Nicholas Krafft “studied at University of St. Gallen and INSEAD.” INSEAD is a business management program that has their head quarters in Fontainebleau, Ile-de-France. Fontainebleau is a few towns south of Paris.

The article summarizing the event tells us that the catwalk was made to remind people how Paris is an inspiration for their company. The catwalk was placed on the Seine River, which runs through the famous fashion capital. According to the article, it took workers a total of eight days to construct and remove the 60-meter long catwalk.

In addition to the memorable riverside catwalk, spectators at the event were treated to the appearance of celebrities and famous models. An actor from the hit show Game of Thrones made an appearance at the event. L’Oréal Paris’s new ambassador, a paralympic champion named Marie Bochet, made an appearance as well.

Luxurious brands, and jewelry would never have made it down the runway if not for the models wearing those memorable looks. 70 hair and makeup styles were created by artists for modeling legends. Models included Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and several more names in the industry.


Having graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science situated in Ohio, he has made quite a mark in his career. Marc Beer has delved deeper in the sphere of where technology meets medicine, and this has widely been seen by his indulgence in making wherever company he has been to achieve success, growth and development, a clear indication that not only is he a good leader but the captain of industries in the MedTech industry.


On the list of successful entrepreneurs, Marc Beer is on top of it. Recently has been made major news. He has held various positions in the Board of Directors. Genzyme has had Marc Beer as the Vice President of Global Marketing. His major role was being in charge of the launch of the company’s products. He has served in many capacities some of them including sales and marketing executive, Chairman and a member of the Board of directors among other envious positions.


Marc Beer CEO and Co-Founder of started Renovia in August 2016 and is the current chairman. With only two years in the industry, it has made impacts. The medical technology is based in Boston, and it helps in creating a difference in people lives by creating devices that help combat pelvic floor disorders. He founded the company with Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie. His field of expertise is majorly inclined towards the healthcare funding business.


Marc Beer has had many work experiences in companies such as ViaCell, a biotechnology company. Under Marc Beer, the company had led a rapid growth with over 300 workers and their specialization if the collection, development, and preservation of the stem cells in the body.


With an over 25 years of experience in the commercialization industry of biotechnology, diagnostic industries as well as the pharmaceuticals, Marc Beer has just had a signed deal that is geared towards raising 42 million dollars to help fund a start-up for women health in Renovia Inc. The 42 million dollar funding is considered the B series by Marc Beer and the Renovia company as they have become interested in developing technology that helps women experiencing pelvic disorders floor. This will be done by developing the pelvic disorders treating methods by innovative technology uses.


This comes shortly after the Series A funding was used in acquiring another equity for the company. Renovia under Marc Beer has its work geared to bringing new products to the market and thriving in medicine. However, Marc Beer and his team not only have put interest in this major development but also part of the funding has been set aside for the following: Learn more:


  • Commercial launches and marketing launches


  • Product improvement and development


  • Clinical trials for the future


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