The Spreading Obsession of Sunday Riley Skincare

Skin care is many things, to many different people. For some of us it’s a routine, for others it’s a lifestyle. There are even those who simply don’t have to bother with it – the lucky few! Why are people obsessed with Sunday Riley’s products lately, even with literally countless option to choose from?

Many of those who swear by Sunday Riley cite the draw of the simple packaging – it is less intimidating than comparable products. Many skincare nuts will tell you that Retinol can be a little bit scary because, if you don’t use it exactly right, there is a vitamin A derivative in it that turns your skin red, and even makes it look a little bit raw. It may boost the collagen, but for what cost? Sunday Riley’s products, especially the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, makes it much less difficult to use, not only because it’s an oil but because it doesn’t have that “clinical” feel when you see it on the bathroom shelf.

Even the inky blue color of the product is kind of fun. The color actually comes from its ingredient blue tansy oil, which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. So there you have it, the color itself is from an ingredient that may even combat against that scary side effect that Retinol occasionally has.

The price is high, but we take this as a good sign. Spillers beware, but skincare enthusiasts know you get exactly what you pay for. At $105 for an ounce of Luna, just remember Sunday Riley is not just a name slapped onto a product – she’s a real person, a true product formulator and a cosmetic chemist. In fact, her products would have a much higher price tag if the research and development budget wasn’t “unlimited” (Spoiler: it’s unlimited because she is the researcher and the developer).

Sunday Riley has moved up so fast developing her products, that she barely had a chance to develop her company name. When Barney’s discovered her before she was even a true brand, they insisted she uses her real name. She’s now grateful for the opportunity to put her name of her products, knowing that they all reflect on her and the quality that she stands for. Sunday Riley products are available on Amazon.


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