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Alex Hern Entrepreneur Of Technology

Alex Hern has been a technological entrepreneur for more than 25 years. He has been working on premature companies and technology companies. Hern co-founded and was the Director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO. This company was the search technology for MSN, Yahoo and AOL. He was also the co-founder and Director of Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO, which is an email marketing and web directory company. It went public and then sold to CMGI, now ModusLink Global Solutions, for $650 million ten months later. Hern also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies,which is a technology commercialization incubator funded by Lockheed and L-3. Hern served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at this company.

Alexander Hern served as the Director of a cyber security company called Arcsight. Arcsight went public and was sold to Hewlett-Packard for one and a half million dollars. Hern co-founded network security company called CloudShield. CloudShield sold to SAIC which is a large technology and engineering firm specializing in government and commercial projects. Hern also founded and served on the Boards of and of Triton Network Systems. He has also served on the board of Zero Knowledge Systems which is a security and encryption company now named Radial Point.

A newly advanced company Alex Hern co-founded is called Tsunami XR. Tsunami XR creates virtual reality headsets for video games and other different types of applications. XR stands for extended reality which is human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearable accessories. XR technology includes augmented reality, augmented Virtuality, and virtual reality. XR is a virtual continuum that encompasses everything in between. Everyone knows the XR is seen and used as a gaming device but as the technology progresses it will take a turn to appeal to the business world. Many different companies are considering to use XR.

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The Achievements Of Guilherme Paulus: A Renowned Businessman And Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian billionaire who has achieved a lot in his career. Born in 1949 in Sao Paulo, Paulus led a normal childhood. He is well known for founding CVC in partnership with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972. The company grew rapidly to become a leading retail tourism network in Brazil as well as one of the largest travel operators in Latin America.

45 Years of innovating

After graduating from college with a degree in Business Administration, Guilherme Paulus had set his mind to be an entrepreneur. Over 50 years down the line, the entrepreneur has managed to build a good reputation as a brilliant businessman. Under his leadership, CVC grew at a high rate to surpass incumbent companies in the industry. Currently, the company has made its presence felt across Brazil and it is the best choice for a travel operator in Latin America. Paulus led the company to come up with innovative contemporary travel packages that gave the company a cutting edge advantage.

In 2009, the investor went for help in a global investment fund that made the company grow even bigger. The company started trading its share publicly in 2013. Currently, CVC makes over $5.2 billion profit each year. It plans to extend its reach to less populated areas and open 100 stores every year.

Currently, CVC is available in approximately 400 malls and 140 hypermarkets.

Social Responsibility

The company supports PIET project as well as Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution located at Santo Andre. In addition, CVC supports various charity and nonprofit organizations such as Alfasol Solidarity, a non-profit organization that provides immersion programs to youngsters in the tourism industry.


Guilherme Paulus has created a lot of job opportunities through his businesses. He has immensely contributed to the growth of tourism industry and he was recognized for that by French government officials. He won “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, Revolutionary Consumer Relations” and the “Personality of the Year Award”.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Guilherme Paulus has proved to be a “smart” entrepreneur. He bought Webjet, a small airline company, in 2006. He established the company to become a leading airline company in Brazil. He founded GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. GJP Hotels and Resorts has over 15 portfolio hotels across Brazil. The national hotel chain is one of the largest hotel networks in Brazil. Its growth plans include developing new units in the major destinations of Brazil.

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The Chainsmokers Are Racing the Billboard Charts

The Chainsmokers are an electronic pop duo which comprises of Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall, and occasionally features Australian drummer Matt McGuire. The usual duo has been known to mix indie, pop, and dance music, as well as hip hop. They began making music under the name The Chainsmokers in 2012 and their first breakout hit was titled “#Selfie” which put them near the top of the Billboard dance/electronic songs chart in 2014. “#Selfie” topped the charts in many countries, and their 2015 single “Roses” made its way on the Hot 100 list of Billboard.

After 2015 their single, “Don’t Let Me Down” reached the top five on Billboard and ended up winning a Grammy award for the best dance recording. Around the same time their single “Closer” quickly became a number one hit single on the Billboard chart. With fame like this it’s no wonder that the group is wondering what is going to happen next.

The band behind such hit songs as “Something Just Like This,” and “Closer” is closing in on the end of a thee-year deal with Wynn Nightlife, and collects checks in the mid six-figures for their DJ sets. It is exciting to see what the duo will be up to after the deal with Wynn Nightlife runs out.

In August of 2018 The Chainsmokers were featured in Forbes for earning their best year in music since the beginning of their career. They reached number two on the Forbes list of highest paid DJs in 2018 earning almost 10 million more than what they were earning in 2017.

With their latest hits doing far better than anything they’ve ever created before, the Chainsmokers are well on their way to super-stardom and fame. It will be exciting to see what they are waiting to put out next.

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