Gareth Henry Heads Global Investor Relations At Gordon & Angelo

Perhaps at the time he was studying actuarial math at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, neither Gareth Henry or his peers would have considered it a very sexy career. Today, however, it is regarded as the most valuable undergraduate degree one can obtain. After finishing his actuarial studies, Henry did management research at the firm of Watson Wyatt. He spent several years there before moving on to become an asset manager at Schroders — a money management firm in London. Henry went on, in 2007, to ultimately become a managing director at Fortress Investment Group[1] (today it’s an independently operated holding of the Japanese conglomerate, SoftBank).

Fortress Investment Group is the nation’s premier alternative-assets hedge fund, and at last check had roughly $43 billion under management. While at Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry focused on raising capital in several foreign markets. Those markets included the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

After a productive stint of more than eight years at Fortress Group, Gareth Henry moved on to become managing director and the Head of Global Investor Relations at Angelo Gordon & Co. Among Henry’s responsibilities at Angelo Gordon & Co. are marketing, generating new clients, especially overseas clients, and guiding the development of new products as well as new channels to move those products. Mr. Henry’s direct report at Angelo Gordon is Lawrence Schloss. It is expected that Henry will become a partner in the investment company.

Angelo Gordon and Co. is a private investment firm. They have roughly US $28 billion under management as of 2017.[2] John M. Angelo and Michael L. Gordon founded the alternative investment management company in 1988.

In 2017, Gareth Henry participated in bringing two critical new hires on board at Angelo and Gordon[3]. Matthew Brody focuses on real estate. Terri Heruben concentrates her attention on Angelo and Gordon’s client service development. Heruben was previously with Barings Real Estate and was the leader of their real estate fund. Brody spent 11 years with the Chicago-based firm Walton Street Capital, where he was a Principal. Brody is responsible for developing new business in the company’s real estate segment.

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