Deirdre Baggot Impact in Hospital Executive and Clinical Departments

Deirdre Baggot is a prominent and highly respected figure in clinician and hospital executive department. He has an excellent education that has earned her a list of titles: PhD, MBA and BSN. She has vast experience in hospital executive and clinician. She is the person behind the establishment of bundled payments. She portrayed great leadership skills while she was serving as the leader of the Acute Care Episode or CMS ACE. Deirdre also led to the development and leadership of consulting practices with her interest in payment reform innovations and bundle payment for two advisory organizations in the healthcare department. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

Deirdre Baggot has also established good client relationships. She has also structured and implemented various programs and mechanisms for 60 bundles and 200 hospitals. This has significantly advanced patients experience and the clinical results at a lower cost. Due to this improvement, physicians and hospitals have been able to make savings due to the low costs. Deirdre also serves as an adviser to many prominent and highly honored leaders and health system boards. She also serves as a professional on MACRA for the centers and bundle payments for both Medicare and Medicaid services.

Deirdre Baggot has been internationally recognized in the medical industry due to her incredible input on bundled payments. She has tremendously invited as the main speaker at various medical conferences. Some of these conferences include American College of Healthcare Executives, American Heart Association, Innovation Summit, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Bundled Payment Summit, Institute of Healthcare Improvements, Medtronic, SAS, Bundled Payment Congress and Pay-for-Performance Summit.

Deirdre has also published more than 20 papers regarding payment transformation, bundled payments, and healthcare reform. She has been featured in various publications such as All Things Considered, Planet Money, and the Morning Edition of the National Public Radio Broadcast. In 2012, Deirdre was elected by CMS as a serial reviewer for the Bundled Payment Models 2 to 4. She headed the CMS Demonstration on Bundled Payment for the Acute Care Episode. She also worked as the leader at The University of Michigan Health System as well as the Northern Memorial Hospital in academic health care for ten years. His input in the Medical Industry will have an everlasting impact. Visit:


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