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The Whitney Wolfe Vision For Women

Whitney Wolfe began in the field of online dating as a co-founder and key executive with the groundbreaking Tinder venture. She left Tinder under a cloud of harassment accusations against her partner. She settled her harassment claims for about $1M and seemed to separate from the dating app business as well.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe formed some ideas about using an app to empower women’s choice. The idea was essentially for a system that provided an opportunity for women to initiates a discussion that could lead to many things including romance. With funding from a Russian investor that she had encountered while at Tinder, she initiated a project that eventually became Bumble.

Bumble was an instant hit with a large initial month signup and now has grown to millions of subscribers. Forbes has valued the enterprise at more than $1B. A recent development involved an offer to buy Bumble from the parent company of Tinder and The reported offer was in the range of $450M, and Ms. Wolfe rejected it. Thereafter, the failed purchaser initiated a legal action claiming that Bumble infringed on Tinder’s patented processes. While that legal action proceeds to an uncertain conclusion, there is no doubt that Whitney Wolfe’s success has put her in the upper echelon of women business owners and entrepreneurs.

Whitney Wolfe’s personal life changed as she married and now also uses the name Whitney Wolfe Herd. As a token of her celebrity status as a leading female entrepreneur, her wedding got international press coverage. As her personal life grew, her brand also grew substantially. Bumble has expanded to Bumble BFF, a friendship-oriented branch of the online connection service, and Bumble Biz which focuses on networking for business and social advantage. The essential premise of all of the Bumble activities remains; the woman must initiate the interaction.

Bumble is only four years old. If Bumble were a living person, it would not yet attend kindergarten. As a business, Bumble reflects the Whitney Wolfe vision for social empowerment for women. Bumble’s spectacular growth includes a global base, a presence in 144 countries, and more than 35 million users.

Peter Briger Shines in His Career

Fortress Investment Group is an innovative private equity company that was established in 1998. For two decades now, the investment group has set the trend for several financial firms; with 2007 one being the most noticeable after it became public. It was the first large-scale alternative investment firm to go public. Additionally, Fortress Investment Group was the first to be bought after SoftBank acquired it. The success of this investment group can be attributed to its principals who are dedicated towards its success. Peter Briger is a principal of Fortress Investment Group and a co-chairman of its board of directors. He has been in the business and finance industry for a long time.

Peter attended the Princeton University where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree, and later the University of Pennsylvania for his masters of Business Administration at the Wharton School of Business. Peter joined Goldman, Sachs & Co. after his masters, where he worked for 15 years before being promoted to a partner in 1996. Briger sat in various committees during his tenure at the Goldman, Sachs & Co., such as the Japan Executive Committee and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. Peter Briger later left Goldman, Sachs to join the management committee at Fortress Investment Group. He was a member of the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group in 2006. Peter Briger then became the co-chairman and principal at the investment group three years later. He has an array of responsibilities at the company including overseeing and maintaining the credit and real estate business at the company.

The investment group has undervalued assets and credit investments as well as more than 300 individuals. Besides Peter’s career achievements, he has donated his money and time in various philanthropic causes. He has supported alma mater, Central Park Conservancy, Tipping Point, and Caliber Schools. Peter Briger is also a member of multiple boards including the Caliber Schools, which is a network free and non-selective charter schools in Richmond, California that serves children from low-income earning families. He also supports entrepreneurship at Princeton University where he helps the alumni to set up their businesses by offering funds. Learn More.

Beto O’Rourke Virtually Tied With Ted Cruz In Latest End Citizens United Poll

Let’s do a thought experiment. Let’s shed the political affiliations of two Senate candidates running in the 2018 midterm elections. Let’s just put their politics aside for a second and look at the source of their funding. Each of these candidates receives donations in order to put on their campaigns in the lead-up to the midterms. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.


Candidate A does not take donations from large corporations. In fact, the candidate does not take donations from anyone other than individual citizens.

Candidate B takes large sums of money from corporations to fund a Senatorial campaign. This candidate takes advantage of a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United to squeeze as much money out of big business as possible.

What happens when either of these candidates goes to Washington? It’s plain to see that Candidate A will fight for his constituents and has no obligations to special interests. Candidate B will be under heavy pressure to fight for corporations in the Senate. This can drown out the voice of the people.

Candidate A is Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke. Candidate B is conservative incumbent Ted Cruz.

It’s no wonder that End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rourke for Senate. End Citizens United is a political action committee committed to the destruction of Citizens United. The Supreme Court decision allows political action committees for Ted is to take unlimited amounts of money from corporations. This ensures that the voice of corporations is much louder than the people in Washington, DC.


End Citizens United has been working tirelessly to endorse Democratic candidates that are opposed to the Supreme Court decision. The political action committee sees a great opening in Texas as Ted Cruz’s status begins to falter. People are beginning to understand his stance for big business. End Citizens United’s latest poll sees the Democratic challenger just a few points behind the longtime senator.

It would be a major victory for O’Rourke, End Citizens United and the people of the United States as their voice may be restored. It will take a Herculean effort to overturn the decision made by the highest court in the judicial branch. But it will restore democracy for all. Visit their page on Facebook.

Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens’ New Bright Idea

As Co-Founder and Co-Ceo of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has an eye for value and opportunity. His latest project is not in the modern world of tech. It is a throwback to an earlier period in America’s development. Mr. Edens has purchased a railroad.

Brightline is the name of the new company. Its initial rail line will link the cities of South Florida, first Fort Lauderdale to Miami and ultimately extending the line to Orlando by 2021. Mr. Edens’ new railroad completes the vision of Henry Flagler, the founder of the Florida East Coast Railway. Flagler planned to connect the cities along Florida’s east coast by rail. Now, that is about to happen thanks to Mr. Edens.

South Florida is a heavily traveled part of the United States. The problem is that considerable distances separate the cities in the region. Characterized as “too far to drive, yet too short to fly,” the dilemma represents opportunities for future Brightline projects. Wes Edens has identified several other regional corridors with similar limitations. Namely, these are:

  • Dallas to Houston
  • Atlanta to Charlotte
  • St. Louis to Chicago

These are all viable city pairs, which Mr. Edens is confident will lead Brightline to build more railroads in other regions in the future. The US has by far the best freight railroad system in the world, yet ironically passenger rail has been woefully neglected.

Wes Edens believes that Brightline’s privately financed model is the solution. Projects like the Miami to Orlando railway are commercially viable. The Miami rail center, for instance, is intended to develop into a commercial and residential hub for the City of Miami. Cities along the line eventually will experience similar growth as a result of the increased economic activity.

Wes Edens brings his experience in the world of finance to the challenges of his new business. He has articulated a straightforward approach to address the regional transportation challenge. Brightline sounds like a bright idea whose time has arrived.

Find Out How Shiraz Boghani Is Bringing His Special Skills And Talents To Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is leading the world of healthcare delivery services in the UK. It’s a private business that manages 20 locations for those who need long-term assistance with people like Shiraz Boghani. Specialists are located onsite, and they grant a number of services which meet the special requirements for each person.

Individualized healthcare programs bring value to the overall quality of life for each occupant. Care services that Shiraz Boghani and the staff offer is comprehensive, so they are meant to handle the mental, physical and emotional necessities of every client. This plan addresses a lot of requirements and optimizes the wellness and health of each resident.

Many of the locations include on-call service providers which work around the clock. These providers are also qualified in administering care for patients who are facing the passing of their life and need these kinds of services. The latest employment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor to the Chief Executive Officer position as well as with Shiraz Boghani indicates the organization’s devotion to enhancing every aspect of the company.

Amanda and Shiraz Boghani bring a large background knowledge and experience to the new role as Sussex Healthcare’s CEO. Her earlier work included managing healthcare organizations which are going into intense times of development or need the specialized knowledge that arises with an accomplished operational director.

Her profession began in 1984 when she started her career as a service manager. Then she grew her knowledge base into the fields of care where the abilities of a managing director and development director are required. She also carries an abundance of experience to the role from her work with outside stakeholders and authorities. Her comprehensive approach to excellent compliance and service are the foundations of the organization’s continual success.

Sussex Healthcare Services

The company provides a varying degree of support services to elderly and disabled patients. The majority of these patients are unable to reside in their homes, so they usually require specialized care services. The experts at Sussex Healthcare are thoroughly trained with the newest procedures in caring for the distinctive needs of the elderly and disabled. As well as with the high-quality support and care services, the team is also equipped to address the everyday needs of all patients.

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Paul Mampilly Continues Showing Positive Experiences To All

For Paul Mampilly, things keep changing to make everything better for the people he works with. Mampilly knows a lot about finances and focused his career on how he could help people with financial decisions. He always learned a lot about finances and what he could do to make them better for all the people who came to him. It was his goal to continue showing people they had someone who knew what they were doing no matter how hard he had to work to get to that point. Paul Mampilly felt good about the options he gave to all his clients and that’s what made him an excellent choice for everything he now does in the industry. It’s his goal to give back and his goal to keep showing people what they can get from different situations.

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses his position as a senior editor to help others realize they have a chance to learn more about finances and the things they can do in different financial situations. For Mampilly, things can continue getting better as long as he reaches out to other people and gives them positive experiences they can use on their own. Mampilly believes he has a chance to keep getting better and that’s a big part of the way the business works. More people see him as someone who knows what they’re doing and fewer people see him as just financial expert.

When people get advice from Paul Mampilly, they know they’re getting the best advice possible. He spends a lot of time helping people understand what they can do to make their finances better and that’s how he works to provide these experiences to everyone. As long as there are ways for him to do the best job possible, Mampilly believes he has Mampilly believes in helping people. He uses his position as the senior editor to reach out to others. Using it for good can help other people realize they’re getting more out of the industry standards that are in place for finances.

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How Francisco Domenech Is Striving To Make A Positive Difference

Francisco Domenech was born in 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He grew up in Puerto Rico as well as in Ocala, Florida. He attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School and graduated with his high school degree from Forest High School. He then attended the University of Puerto Rico at their Río Piedras campus. He graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and in 2003 he earned his Juris Doctor degree. He has worked as a lawyer within the political sphere ever since.

He became a member of the Young Democrats of America and in this role he was at the Democratic National Committee from 2007 to 2012. He has also been one of Puerto Rico’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention for the past four times. In 2008 he was a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s run for President of the U.S. and was selected as her deputy campaign manager in Puerto Rico. He was instrumental in helping her achieve a 68% to 32% win over then-Senator Barack Obama. He also led her 2016 primary campaign where she beat Senator Bernie Sanders in Puerto Rico 61% to 37%. Check out on youtube for more updates.

He is the managing partner of POLITANK which is a bipartisan government affairs organization. His company focuses on representing private interests before governmental forums. When potential law changes are being considered by those in government his company will represent people whose businesses could be impacted. Francisco Domenech’s firm has now represented a number of Fortune 100 companies before each branch of government there is in Puerto Rico. His company is a minority-owned business which will also do pro bono work and community service as well as donating to nonprofits.

The 40 Under 40 event happens annually in Puerto Rico. Each year they pick the top 40 professionals of Puerto Rico who are under the age of 40. Francisco Domenech was selected as one of the people to win this honor and it was revealed afterward that he had been the top vote getter. He was honored at this event which was streamed live from where it took place which was Restaurant II Mulino New York. Learn more:

OSI Industries Thrives by Helping Their Customers Succeed

OSI Industries has been changing the food industry for a century and continue to find new opportunities in the market. What started as a small butcher shop in Chicago founded by a German immigrant is now worth more than $6 billion and is on the 2016 Forbes list as the 58th largest privately owned company. Sheldon Lavin has been growing with the companies since 1970 when he began as an investment consultant before joining as a partner in 1975. In the early years of the 1980’s, Sheldon Lavin became the CEO and chairman of OSI Industries due largely in part to the trust that one of their main clients, McDonald’s, had placed in his ability to lead the company.

Since his transition to Chief Executive Officer, the company has seen a long period of growth and expansion that has led to food production facilities around the world.The clients of OSI Industries not only includes McDonald’s, but also companies such as Papa John’s, Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks. Another one of the key players of OSI Industries is the Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald. While he may have started out with a background in farming, he now is an executive for one of the largest food production corporations in the United States. His background in farming plays a part in the company’s focus on sustainability and the welfare of animals, for which OSI has received several accolades for throughout the years.

David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin played very important roles in OSI’s decision to start producing chicken products, a decision that has led to substantial growth as the demand for poultry has increased in countries around the world. The purchase of a former Tyson facility in Chicago near their headquarters allowed OSI to help meet the demand of their customers for different chicken products. On an international level, OSI formed the company Turosi Pty Ltd. in 2018 by merging with the Australian based poultry processing company Turi Foods. Throughout the success of OSI Industries, they have maintained a relatively low profile as they have done their part to help their customers succeed.

Spotlight on Manager Clayton Huster

For the second time in 2018, Kid Rock is officially hitting the road for his “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour”. His tour follows a few solo festival acts in July, and is scheduled to run from the beginning of August through November, crossing the US multiple times throughout the tour. He will be accompanied by opening acts Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker Jr., but most notably by Clayton Hutson, his new production manager.

Although this is his first tour with Kid Rock as production manager, Huster accompanied Kid Rock on his earlier 2018 “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour”, where he served as the stage manager. Known for his very outspoken personality and antics on tour, Kid Rock has repeatedly found himself in hot water with critics and the general public, and would have led to significant delay of the tour if not for the managerial capabilities of Clayton Huster. When asked how he managed to overcome all of the obstacles faced throughout the course of the tour, Huster cited his experience with both stage and production management, claiming that he allowed these experiences to serve as his guidance while on the road. His ability to keep his own confidence high, and to inspire confidence in the rest of the crew was key to the commercial success of “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour”, a tour that saw millions of fans in attendance to show their support for Kid Rock.

One of they key draws to Kid Rock tours is his reputation as a summertime fun band, routinely putting on shows packed with d azzling visuals, impressive pyrotechnic displays, and catchy, fun music that you just can’t help but dance to. The “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Tour” has already sold out at several venues, and is expected to continue doing well across the country. The prospect of this show excites Huster, who cited a solid, well-built crew as the primary reason why he was looking forward to an enjoyable summer tour.

Clayton’s uniquely varied background in music and events, along with the pride and joy he takes in every event he works helps bring a great experience to every fan that attends shows he produces. He hopes to keep nurturing and expanding his business as he realizes his dream of running his own production company.

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