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Dare to Think Different with Ara Chackerian

The beauty of life is the continuous learning. You get to know how other people think and reason. Sometimes, it challenges us to see things from a different perspective. It pushes us out of our comfort zone, and challenge us to try new ideas. Ara Chackerian is among the successful investors who have a very interesting way of thinking.

Ara Chackerian is a successful professional; he is the Co-founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions. To begin with, he believes that the success he has acquired in his life is as a result of the opportunities that life has offered him. For instance, when asked about how he brings his ideas to life, he says that when he was growing up, he was challenged to think hard and engage consciously with life. It is through this that he learned how to bring the ideas in life. He says that it was as a result of having parents who helped him. It is not through hard work that he knows that fact.

Ara says that one thing that he believes that no one agrees with him is hard work does not determine a man’s success. He explains that he realized this when he visited the developing countries. Ara learned that despite them being willing to advance their life; they lack the tools to do so.

Most motivational speakers and entrepreneurs advocate for people to stay positive; to view the glass as half full. Ara has a different perspective. He says that this view may be exciting and great, but in the long run, it may be the source of your disappointment. This does not mean that he is a cold and paranoid person; he wants people to seek the truth about a product or idea.

Based on his interests, the trend that excites Ara is the digital healthcare. He believes that it will help revolutionize the health center. He gives an example of the patients suffering from depression. The Algorithms will help in detecting the early symptoms of depression. For instance, the pace of the speech of an individual is affected. It will also show whether an individual’s health is improving during medication. You can visit their Twitter page.



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Sussex Healthcare And The Dynamic List Of Senior Care Services It Offers

There are many factual articles, news, and compelling stories that people may be able to read online about Sussex Healthcare. All that people need to do is make a google search about Sussex Healthcare, and they’re now able to understand the mission, vision and current standing of the company today. One of the many news articles that people can read about Sussex Healthcare is the one from Medical Daily Times where it details many of the types of senior care services offered by Sussex Healthcare right now.

For starters, it may be indicated here that Sussex Healthcare has already been established since its founding date last 1985. It was the year where the corporate structure of Sussex started. It was the year where the vision of the founders of the senior care company began. This vision was to offer or attempt to deliver the best, excellent, reliable care services for senior citizens. It is this vision that drives the direction and corporate duty of the company for its clients and their families. It is this vision that makes the company survive, expand and grow its operations across many areas in the United Kingdom.

It may also be added here that Sussex has lived up to its standards of delivering state of-the-art services for the residents who badly need assistance. The families of these senior citizens have entrusted Sussex for the care of their senior elders, and that’s something that would indeed inspire and humble Sussex to do its best for the people it serves.

The Medical Daily Times also features some of the healthcare jobs that are available in Sussex. The list of services indicates that Sussex delivers services in the area of senior care for clients suffering from dementia, motor neuron disease and traumatic injuries, among others.

It is also revealed in the article that the company’s experts have 24/7 services to its senior clients while at the same time, organizing beneficial sessions to help the seniors get various kinds of therapy, including reflexology, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. It is also a source of pride for Sussex that it has been certified by two well-known authority firms in delivering state-of-the-art services for senior care today.

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OSI Group’s Long Journey to a Global Presence and Success

With over 20,000 employees and presence in over 17 countries globally, the OSI Group is considered the largest food processing companies in existence today. The company traces its routes to the German immigration and settling in Chicago during the 20th century. The high labor capacity that the populous city of Chicago had at the time provided just the right amount of labor force to ensure that farms in the area thrived. OSI was started by Kolschowsky as a small meat market that expanded in the wholesale business after the end of the First World War. By the end of the Second World War, conditions for business in the US had improved significantly, something that led to the flourish of other companies such as McDonalds.

The OSI Group, then existing as Otto and Sons, entered into a partnership to supply ground beef to outlets in the region. The OSI Group achieved a major technological advancement in the 1960’s, something that catapulted its ability to provide a range of products within a wider market nationally and globally. The cost-reduction initiatives and opportunities that the company had with technology such as cryogenic food processing ensured that the company could transport its products far and wide.

To ramp up production and income, the OSI Group established new facilities in other states in the US such as Utah by 1980. It also exploited new frontiers in the international markets in Germany and Spain by 1980 through mergers and acquisitions. It expedited its growth by making partnerships with outlets such as Starbucks, Burger King, Papa Johns and Subway for which it served as an ingredients supplier.

Infinity Group Australia bringing new ideas into personal financing

Infinity Group Australia is an organization which offers advice on debt reduction and general money management. The organization was started by Graeme Holm, one of the people who have huge experience in the banking sector in Australia. He has worked with the biggest banks in the country and therefore knows how the banking industry works. He left the banking industry in 2013 to start Infinity Group Australia together with his friend Rebecca Walker. He had learned a lot of things which could make him make a difference in the manner in which people spend their money. The performance of the organization today is a clear indication of how necessary the services of the company were.




Before he left the banking sector, Graeme holm researched the challenges that people were facing with debt services. He specifically carried out the research in the mortgage market. What he came up with is there is lack of support, guidance and even knowledge among Australian families on matters of finances. The approach that is applied by the Infinity Group Australia is to provide the people with a personal banker who can work with them in planning their financial spending. The aim of a personal banker is to help the client pay off the loan in the shortest time possible. What many people do not realize is that if they plan their finances well, it is possible to pay a loan in far much less time that it would happen in other cases. A personal banker will provide monthly, quarterly and even annual reviews of the spending that one has made. Using the reviews, it will be possible to look at areas where there can be improvements.




Infinity Group Australia has shown great success so far with the plan they have. Some clients have been able to complete the repayment of their loans within three months. On average, most clients are making $41,000 reduction in debts every year working with Infinity Group. The advice you get from this company cannot be found from any bank since the banks will rejoice when it takes you longer to repay the loan. Infinity Group Australia has won an award for being the best adviser on matters of finances in Australia.




Graeme Holm equates working with a personal banker to working with a personal trainer in a gym facility. It is easier to get better results with a personal trainer than when you work out alone. Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm are hoping to apply the same concept here. They want people to realize better money management when working with personal trainers. From Infinity Group Australia reviews, it is clear that people are happy with the results they have recorded so far.

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Interesting Facts about anxiety with Neurocore

Anxiety can be Genetic

Many people suffering from anxiety do not understand why they are the ones who got the ailment. Sometimes, it is not about what you did to get the disorder; it may be genetic. When both parents are suffering from depression or anxiety; there is a high probability of their offspring being affected. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Anxiety and depression are common mental disorders. However, people suffering from the two tend to feel alone, while some are ashamed of their conditions. The Neurocore Centers are there for you, and your family to make sure you have an easy time when healing. There are many things to learn about anxiety that the Neurocore has availed to their clients. Here are some of the interesting facts about disorders;

Anxiety is Common among Women and Developed Countries

It is easy to assume that anxiety is mostly in the less developing nations. However, anxiety is reported most in the developed countries; the USA is the leading state in the anxiety issue. Women are more affected by anxiety compared to men.

There are Natural ways of Curing Anxiety

Did you know that there are other ways of dealing with anxiety apart from taking pills? Research shows that attending a meditation class 20 times can reduce the anxiety levels. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also help in reducing anxiety.


People suffering from anxiety are Impeccable in Social Talks

If you are suffering from depression, you probably think that people notice your anxiety and that you are awful in social life. On the contrary, the people you meet, see you as a very calm and composed individual. This must be because people with anxiety think through their actions and words. They are also very sensitive.

Anxiety and Depression are related

It is paramount to note that many people are suffering from anxiety also suffer from depression. To avoid such cases; it is critical to seek medical help in the early stages of anxiety.

Final Verdict

Anxiety can be treated. There is, therefore, no reason as to why anyone should be ashamed of suffering from anxiety. It is a condition, like any other. If you have a family member, friend or you are suffering from anxiety, visit Neurocore for help. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

José Auriemo Neto Better Known As Zeco

Among the qualities of the company is, for example, Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz, where 75 000 people pass daily. Last year, Neto will inaugurate the Metrô Tucuruvi Shopping Theater and start sales of the Dona Catarina development on the Castelo Branco Highway, 50 km from the capital, a residential condo for the middle course, with houses between 400,000 reais and 1, 5 million reais.

The business also owns some star-studded commercial buildings. Located on Hungary Street, the very well-known of them is the Nations, former chair of the insolvent Banco Santos. It currently houses the law firm Pinheiro Neto, which pays about 800,000 reais a month of rent. The JHSF emerged in the 1990s from a family disagreement. Fábio Auriemo was a partner of the brother, Jose Roberto, in the construction company JHS. “We had different styles and, due to the separation, we stayed seven years without even talking to us,” says Fabio. “We reached a point where Fabio wanted to quicken and I would decrease,” states José Roberto.

“Nowadays the raids are a part of the past. We’re no longer partners, but we are still brothers. “The connection between the acronyms always provokes a particular confusion, in the exact same way that they ask Zeco if he’s a part of the laboratory Delboni Auriemo. “Neither I nor my dad has some involvement in the company,” he explains. The lab’s Auriemo comes from the surname of another uncle, Caio, the organization’s president. With two younger sisters (Ana, 30, and Maria, 29), Zeco showed early on that he had a restless soul. After he was eight years old, his father taught him to drive. By the age of 10, he was on the shore and on the family farm. Between 11 and 13 years old, he engaged in an International Youth Encounter (Cisv) camps in Tokyo and proceeded to play soccer with an amateur team in Norway.

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The Subtle Maturation of Freedom Checks

For the canny investor, Freedom Checks may be a familiar term. However, Freedom Checks are most likely not a common investment vehicle practiced by your local financial advisor. The term originally dates back to the 1980’s where legislation was put into place to allow certain companies who trade publicly on a stock exchange to operate tax free as long as they paid out approximately 90 percent of their profit to their investors. Investors who decide to invest in these companies could witness astonishing returns. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

These companies who participate in this program, which was enacted through legislation as Statute 26-F, are generally energy sector organizations such as oil and gas companies. The Statute provides significant advantages to these businesses because they are able to fund exploration projects due to operating tax free. The returns for investing in companies who operate under Statute 26-F are indicative of a thriving industry with momentous opportunity and potential. Not many companies decide to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to operate tax free because the business has to be filed as a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). Visit the website to learn more.

Investing in these Freedom Checks from the MLP’s has been a secret investment weapon of savvy financial institutions as well as educated members of the public. This is a completely legal and safe form of investment as it has been practiced for nearly forty years. It was originally adapted through legislation in 1987. The Statute was a way to incentivize the exploration of natural resources within the United States, as many companies were moving their business operations over seas.

There are trillions of dollars worth of untapped natural resources in the United States and the federal government saw this opportunity to allow companies to operate tax free as long as they pay out 90 percent of their profits. The 90 percent profit of a well established, successful MLP could be very rewarding for an investor who takes advantage of Freedom Checks. It is estimated that 34.6 billion in Freedom Checks will be paid out this July. These investments could be an excellent opportunity to diversify any investment portfolio.


Jason Hope- A great supporter of technological innovations

Jason Hope is a technology commentator. He describes himself as a “futurist.” He can tell the technology trends that will be doing well in years to come. He prides in having predicted the Internet of Things with great precision. While some experts doubted the possibility of the IoT happening, Jason Hope was optimistic that it was going to happen. His prediction has come out true, and now he is among the people who have predicted that very soon, IoT will part of almost every industry that we know of. Jason says that the IoT is still in its infancy. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward . Over the next couple of years, it will be all over the place. According to a research that was done by Gartner Inc., by the year 2020, there will be over 25 billion devices that will be connecting to the internet.

The Internet of Things is based on the ability of devices to connect to the internet and communicate with other devices. The IoT applications are gaining ground in the past few years. A lot of things are happening. One of the industries that have taken up technology growth is the airline industry. According to Jason Hope, this is going to be one of the industries that have taken up IoT and implemented it successfully. Jason says that aircraft such as the Boeing 787 is now installed with sensors in all its parts such that whenever a part of the plane is not functioning accordingly, it is detected and rectified. Once there is a problem, a signal will be sent to technicians who will be ready to solve the problem once the plane lands. The security of the industry will be greatly improved with this technology.

The other thing that Jason Hope supports passionately is the anti-aging research. He is working together with a group known as the SENS Research Foundation. He has donated half a million dollars that have gone to research work. The aim of developing this drug is to help eliminate the old age diseases which end up affecting human beings. The anti-aging drug could be a milestone in the manner in which human diseases are treated going forward.

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The Importance Of Randal Nardone’s Skills To The Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is among the pioneers of the Fortress Investment Group, an asset trading organization based in New York. In collaboration with his two partners, Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman, they founded Fortress investment in 1998 and has since become a force to reckon with in the industry across the world. Randal was made CEO from the beginning and has used his role to influence decisions that have driven the company to achieve immeasurable heights. The Forbes magazine ranked the investment mogul as the 557th wealthiest man in the world with a net worth of approximately $1.8 billion. Randal Nardone is a graduate of Connecticut University with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Biology. He is also a law degree holder from Boston University Law school. He started off as a legal advisor in Thatcher Wood and Proffitt before realizing his interest in financial investment.

Before becoming the managing director of the Union Bank of Switzerland (USB), he had taken up the role of a principal in Blackrock Financial Management firm. With all these financial experience, Mr. Randal felt confident enough to start up a company of his own. Today Fortress Investment group has provided over 2500 job opportunities to individuals who attest to the fact that he is a team player and an incredible leader. Besides his roles as chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone serves in 8 other boards across 20 different industries. He is the chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings and Springleaf Reit Inc. He was appointed the non-executive officer of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda and serves as the director of Euro castle investment Ltd and Florida East Coast Holdings.

Under his guidance, Fortress investment group has been recognized by different bodies for various awards like the Hedge Fund award of the year that was given to them by the institutional investor. In addition, the HFMWeek commended them for a job well done in asset management and crowned them with the best management firm of the year award. Despite of shining in the investment industry, Softbank Group acquired Fortress Investment group and consolidated its assets forcing them to withdraw from the New York Stock Exchange. In Randal Nardone’s opinion, this was a smart move considering they would acquire more holdings after their private equity assets started dragging and would be in a better position to create better opportunities for investors who would have regained their confidence in Fortress.

Robert Ivy Sets An Example For Other Architects With Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy has cemented his name in the field of architecture especially after bagging the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The Chief Executive Officer and vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) becomes the first in his profession to receive this honor. The award conventionally goes to artists with a connection to Mississippi who have shown immense support for art or have marvelous works of art. Robert received the award alongside stained glass designer Andrew Young at an event held at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters on 2nd July 2018. They join the ranks of actor Morgan Freeman and author Eudora Welty who have won the award in the previous years.

The American Institute of Architects fraternity expressed their pride and joy in Robert Ivy through a press release given by Carl Elefante, the organization’s president. He commended Ivy for his dedication to architecture and pointed out that he was the best representation of the architecture profession. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters disclosed their confidence in selecting Ivy for the award. The institute’s president Nancy LaForge said that as an author and international speaker of matters related to architecture, Ivy had played an essential role in making industry more available to the public.

Robert Ivy has grown the reach of the AIA to international heights since he was appointed its CEO. The organization has attained its highest number of membership under his leadership. Before his tenure at AIA, Ivy was the chief editor of the Architectural Record at McGraw Hill Construction Media from 1996. During this period, he spearheaded the company’s expansion in China and the Middle East. In addition to making the Architectural Record the most famous architectural journal, he debuted its Mandarin version in China.

Apart from the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy has also won other prestigious accolades. In 2009, he earned the Crain Award from the American Business Media. He was also named Master architect by the National Architecture Fraternity in 2010, a unique honor given to the best architects. Robert holds a Masters in architecture from Tulane University.

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