OSI Industries Expanded From Otto & Sons Butcher Shop

Otto Kolschowsky arrived in the United States in 1907; he was part of a large scale German immigration to the windy city. Just after the turn of the century Chicago was often known as a butcher block city and city of big shoulders. Many immigrants set up shops and small family owned businesses on their way across the county. Otto’s butcher shop became a neighborhood staple and by 1909 he set up a second shop in Maywood. Maywood is a city just outside of the Chicago city limits. In 1929 Otto rebranded his company as Otto & Sons and ran his business with his two sons Arthur and Harry. Otto & Sons was a successful neighborhood butcher shop that also eventually expanded into wholesale business.

In the 1950’s McDonald’s was still a new concept. In 1955 Ray Kroc took this California based business in the first steps of their franchise. Ray decided to open a location in Des Planes, Illinois. Opening a restaurant in the Chicago area meant he had to find a local meat distributor to provide products for their hamburgers. Ray met with Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky and entered into a handshake agreement that Otto & Sons butcher shop would provide the meat for the first McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois. This simple agreement sparked the beginning of what would become a worldwide expansion.

In the 1960’s cryogenic freezing and flash freezing became an invention that would bring McDonald’s and Otto & Sons into the worldwide marketplace. As McDonald’s began to grow and open more franchise locations, Otto & Sons also had to keep up with the demand. Preserving the top quality meat was the first step in getting it to other McDonald franchise locations. McDonald’s and Otto & Sons both valued high quality products for their customers and were happy to participate in this new method of preservation. Over the next two decades Otto & Sons experienced another rebirth. In 1973 Otto & Sons was so busy that they built a facility in West Chicago, Illinois that was dedicated strictly to the production of products for McDonald’s restaurants. This was just the beginning of expansion; Otto & Sons went through another rebranding and became OSI Industries. Since 1907 OSI Industries has grown from a small corner butcher shop in Chicago to an international meat and side distributor. OSI Industries has sixty five facilities in over seventeen countries. OSI Industries employs over twenty thousand employees on a global scale and continually expands to meet the needs of their valued customers.

Contact OSI Industries: www.kununu.com/us/osi-industries

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