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GoBuyside Is Serving Efficiency Goals in the Human Resources Sector

Modern world today is at the apex of technology advancements. One will wake up, cook breakfast, lodge online and communicate with people around the globe, go to work or work from home and order a meal or entertainment online. Everyday functions today are more accessible thanks to technology. Technology advances and moves fast to make accommodations for everyone, and the human resource department might be the newest department whose work is simplified, thanks to GoBuyside. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Who Benefits?

In the recent past, job seekers and employers have had to endure strenuous times tackling the employment issue. Unemployment is a big monster in the world today, and that means a sufficient workforce is continually looking for the available few opportunities. GoBuyside has revolutionized the recruitment sector. It helps the management of companies to spot the most viable candidates for their open slots. Hedge fund companies and private equity firms are finding it more comfortable to acquire the best candidates in each field in a few days span compared to the days of old when professional recruitment took almost a month to complete. A lot of settling for average candidates was the norm of the gone days. GoBuyside ensures that companies get the best possible candidate for each field.


Job seekers also benefit from the Artificial Intelligence Technology used by GoBuyside by saving their precious time. Responding to adverts on the daily papers and walking from office to office to face cold shoulders in the name of a job search will soon be history. Recruiting companies are helping job seekers get job placements by checking out their bio online and their social media interactions. The advancement helps jobless people to concentrate on other money-making opportunities while they are still in the search market to remain productive. GoBuyside will save everyone’s time by contacting only the best fits required.

More about GoBuyside

It is the hero of every employer who had to deal with dishonest job seekers in the past. Technology and new software are enabling GoBuyside to give employers all the information about an employee’s profile from the internet and social media sites, allowing them to understand the kind of individual they are hiring. Arjun Kapur is the leader and founder of GoBuyside and is leading the way in transforming the human resources sector. Follow GoBuyside on

Richard Dwayne Blair’s Elaborate Guide to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair is an accomplished investment advisor based in Austin, Texas. He established Wealth Solutions in 1994 with the aim of providing customized and professional advice to his clients primarily in the areas of retirement planning and methods of wealth conservation. His company’s primary mission is to make a positive change in the lives of families, people, and small enterprise owners by giving them reliable investment advice. Richard admits that he is fulfilled by helping other people attain their personal financial goals.

The registered investment advisor, Richard, has accumulated his experience over the years of his career. He is an expert in the subject of retirement planning, and he prides himself in assisting his clients in merging the aspects of planning for retirement and leading a comfortable life in retirement. Richard’s aim is usually to assist his clients to follow and achieve their imagination of leading a successful life in retirement. He does this by using a three-point plan which helps clients identify methods for income planning in retirement while avoiding common risks.

Richard Dwayne Blair feels that this approach allows him to have a broader view of a client’s current financial condition and retirement demands which enables him to provide a fully comprehensive plan. The initial step of the method is aimed at understanding a client’s personal goals, considerations and gaining clarity on their expectations. It is meant to establish the client’s financial strategy while assessing their goals, opportunities for growth, risk tolerance, and strengths. This stage helps Richard to create and maintain long-term relationships with the clients.

Next, Richard designs an efficient and stable investment strategy that is exclusive t the client’s needs and goals. The approach is meant to help achieve uttermost performance during times that the price movement of the client’s assets assume an upward direction and minimize the effects when the asset’s price takes a downward motion. Finally, Richard implements, monitors and tracks the client’s goals. He does this by comparing the progress to the client’s goals and past experiences. Richard Dwayne Blair attended the University of Houston and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management services.

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Matt Badiali: Wise Investments Attract Generational Wealth and Prominence

Time has come for people not just to think about how they should invest but how they would invest wisely. For you to invest in the right way, you need to know what some of the wise investors did to achieve what you admire from them. Although some people assume investing is a simple thing that only requires ready money, the truth is investing can be tricky even with money in your hands. When you don’t invest wisely, you degrade the quality of your descendants in a great way. However, seeking advice from financial experts like Matt Badiali will save you a great deal. Matt is among the investors who believe a good man looks for an inheritance for his children and grandchildren while still energetic. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

Matt has combined two different careers in his life, and this makes him outstanding. Besides being a financial analyst, Matt is also a geologist. Undivided dedication and passion are what any person pursuing any great profession needs to succeed. He has not just increased his income through his knowledge of natural resources, but he has also helped other people earn significant income. His clients say his findings and investment advice is what many people have leaned on for many years. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali has opened many accounts to shed a lot of investment insight to his clients.

As an investment editor at Banyan Hill, Matt is in charge of sensitive publications. Most of the publications he handles come from a newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist. Banyan Hill uses this newsletter to shed more light on natural resource investments. It’s not easy to help others invest in metal trading, energy, and market shares if you are not fully informed. However, immense research expertise and extensive geology studies have helped Matt Badiali to be offer reliable insight to those intending to invest in natural resources. Follow Matt on Medium.

Matt knows how to use his publication platform to help his readers know something they didn’t think about concerning natural resource investments. Matt is not only enthusiastic about the new investment opportunities but also helping his readers identify those opportunities. Matt says the young investors could benefit a lot from the metals and oil if they keenly followed the latest trends. He says metals and oil can change people’s lives in a great way if they understood the investment opportunities these two commodities have. After exploring industrial firms, drilling rigs, and mines in different countries, Matt Badiali realized there shouldn’t be poor people in a country, as long as, it has natural resources such as oil, mining, power, and energy.


Lacey and Larkin speak out on Arpaio’s pardon

Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona for 24 years. He lost the seat in 2017 while trying to win for the 7th time. With his defeat came hopes for many people that Arpaio would finally face the courts for all the crimes he exercised while he was the sheriff. However, all these hopes went down the drain after President Trump offered Arpaio presidential pardon.

This came after Trump was elected the president in an election where Joe Arpaio aggressively campaigned for him. It looked like a reward to a friend after Arpaio’s role in publicizing the agenda promoted by Donald Trump especially on the matter of birth certificate belonging to President Trump.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalist and founders of the Phoenix New Times. These two were the people behind the publication of news regarding all the crimes that Joe Arpaio was committing. Suing their paper, they exposed the secret jails he was running as well as the torture that immigrants were being subjected to in the jails.

Joe Arpaio was against immigration of the people into the United States, and he used his position as a leader to subject the undocumented immigrants to torture. Lacey and Larkin followed up on stories from immigrants on the atrocities that Joe Arpaio committed on them and documented them. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The efforts by Lacey and Larkin to spread news about the horrible state of human rights in the state of Arizona were met by crude force from the former sheriff who ordered for their arrest. In the middle of the night in October 2017, the two were arrested by people sent by the sheriff and drove them to one of the concentration camps established by Arpaio.

They were arrested for publishing details about a subpoena that the sheriff had obtained from a grand jury that gave him the right to search for the media outlet owned by Lacey and Larkin known as Phoenix New Times.

Lacey and Larkin were exercising their First Amendment, but the former sheriff would have none of that. He used his powers to humiliate and torture them for what was a clear case of subversion of justice.

Joe Arpaio was revenging for the actions that the two had taken against the former sheriff. They had used their paper to publish information on all the wrong doings that the former sheriff had made while dealing with the cases of illegal immigration in his county. He went beyond humane means to kick out immigrants out of the country.

In a court case that followed the arrest, the state was ordered to pay Lacey and Larkin $3.75 million. In order to support the human rights protection cause, they set up a foundation known as Frontera Fund which is currently supporting human rights organization in Arizona to push their agenda.

So far, there are numerous groups of people who have been supported by this organization. The commitment to support this cause comes even after President Donald Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey to Queen Bee

Whitney Wolfe’s The statistics age has been described by means of the full-size breaking regarding traditional industries engendered via the upward thrust regarding the internet. The tech enterprise as has brought to us an apparently limitless retinue of innovative companies, out of Apple to Amazon in accordance with Google to Facebook, has historically been a male-dominated one. The founders then propulsion executives about it companies hold overwhelmingly been men. For that reason, when a tech solid created or run by using a woman gains traction, it attracts attention.

A law of factor is the red-hot dating app Bumble then its founder Whitney Wolfe Herd. Not only has Wolfe Herd struck courting riches with Bumble, she’s a rare tech executive anybody has been emitting by means of startup levin twice, preceding so a cofounder or VP about marketing including the popular dating app Tinder, or nowadays together with Bumble. She has taken therefore while at the identical time promotion her imaginative and prescient about Whitney Wolfe empowerment both into the courting ball or in the workplace.

Whitney Wolfe said While Tinder shot after honor through making it handy because humans in conformity with connecting together with a strong romantic partner, such did not revolutionize the ball concerning online courting as much much so it instituted that greater efficiency. With Bumble, over the other hand, Wolfe Herd created a current kind about female-first relationship app to that amount appealed in conformity with each girl and guys by using reversing the common courting app dynamics in as men were expected in imitation of accomplishing the first move. Using the Sadie Hawkins dance concept, where female petition boys in imitation of the measure rather than stigma versa, Bumble requires girls in imitation of provoking a dialog after a fit has been struck.

Propelled by way of its innovative, female-centric approach, Bumble has unexpectedly become some of the top relationship apps, along with nearly 30 pile users. Wolfe Herd’s vision, centered so it is about upending conventional dating protocol and presenting girls with a surroundings the place those experience empowered and safe, has catapulted Bumble beside just some other app startup in accordance with emerge as some concerning the close popular relationship apps into the United States, along a criticism estimated at atop a billion dollars.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s vision would not end at upending the dating app industry. Her intention is in accordance with accomplishing Bumble much more than simply a dating app. With the summation concerning Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz, that has placed the app after enabling users after find buddies yet set up commercial enterprise bond as like nicely namely romantic partners. With its potential in conformity with help customers locate friends, edit enterprise contacts, yet connect along strong romantic partners, Wolfe Herd has Bumble properly about the path to becoming a full-fledged conventional community just a bit brief years then its inception.

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Talos Energy Bursts Into The Stock Exchange Due To $2 Billion Merger With Stone Energy

Talos Energy is a Houston-based company founded by Timothy Duncan, its current CEO. The funds used to start the company were acquired from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holding, with $600-million total being raised to start the company. The company is focused on engaging in development, exploration and the production of both oil and natural gas properties, with most of its research efforts being centralized in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. Talos Energy is led by previously mentioned Chief Executive Officer Timothy Duncan, CFO Michael Harding II, COO Stephen E. Heitzman and the Executive Vice President of Exploration John A. Parker.

The oil and gas producer has been private since its inception, but recently that changed with a $2 billion merger with Louisiana’s Stone Energy last month. This deal has caused Talos Energy to go public and it is now being traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) as TALO. The deal has created a humongous offshore oil and energy producer and has changed Talos Energy from a firm purely focused on the Gulf of Mexico to a fierce competitor in both the US and Mexico. CEO Tim Duncan is ecstatic with this deal and states that it is a combination that will cause waves in the industry. Previous backers of Talo will now own 63 percent of the combined company and Stone stock owners will own 37 percent.

Tim Duncan has also gone further in his praises for the deal and claims that the company is in an amazing position to seize potential opportunities in their industry. The specific opportunities he is mentioning are a high quality asset portfolio and a capitals program focused on returns in their operations. Talos Energy has also recently found Zama offshore of Mexico and has claimed a few of the first offshore bids with partners in the process of Mexico’s energy reform.

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OSI Food Solutions Expands Its Chicken Production Plant

OSI Food Solutions has expanded its food production capacity with the expansion of one of their facilities in Toledo, Spain. The facility was expanded in anticipation of growth in the number of people consuming chicken products. The company has doubled the production of chicken from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. The expansion is part of the worldwide expansion program that is currently being rolled out by the management of the company. The management of the firm led by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald is committed to ensuring that the food products from this company are consumed in all parts of the world. The firm which has operations in 17 countries has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Food Solutions have been in the industry for the past one century. It was stared in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant living in Chicago. Since the company was started, it has been running smoothly, moving from one country to another and establishing its name. OSI Food Solutions has taken its food production from the Toledo plant to over $45,000 tons annually. The production of more food products is meant to make the region food secure. OSI has concentrated on protein food products.

OSI Food Solutions is also researching with the intention of adding new products to its new production line. In the recent production, there was the addition of test kitchen which is meant to make the industry safer by providing only products that have been tested and proven to be competitive in the industry. In the food business, a company must ensure that the food products it is producing are competitive as this is what will lead to more profits for the firm.

OSI Food Production expansion was also an advantage to the community in Toledo as it led to the creation of job opportunities. The number of people employed moved up by 20 employees. There was also the expansion of other areas such as production, storage, and services spaces. In total, the expansion saw 22,600 square feet added.

OSI Food Solutions is now a leading firm in the world and which is concentrating on giving people the best good products. The management of the firm is committed to expanding the operations of the company further by facilitating the acquisition of more food companies in different parts of the world. The company has recently been acquiring numerous companies in different parts, especially in Asia and Europe.

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Eric Lefkofsky

The Philanthropic Entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky

From the article, use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analysis, to enable one understand the genetic pattern of a disease could help determine the precise treatment method for incurable diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer. Tempus Lab, a technological firm co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky has helped physician by keeping records of patients’ health statistics in one place, that help them in diagnosis of future patients. With the use of such information they are able to establish which methods are more effective and therefore save time of research.

The firm developed a way of creating precision medicine through analysis of molecular data which is DNA or RNA sequencing. Moreover, Tempus Lab has been among the top ten health techs and has received funding from the unicorn. This created a good reputation to them therefore leading to partnerships with various healthcare institutions. Oncologists on these centers send their patients for screening at Tempus, where they are able to pair the clinical and molecular information allowing the physicians to determine what treatment are good for that mutation.

On the other hand, Alzheimer’s treatment is a bit tricky given that, most patients who go to clinical trial may be suffering from other dementia rather than Alzheimer’s and therefore making the tests inaccurate. New ways for treatment have proposed which require the patients to begin the treatment as early as the first signs are established so that they can be a success. The new method involves determining brain changes. According to neuroscience chief from Institute of Aging, treatments of people in the pre-symptomatic stage are important to increase effectiveness.

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur who graduated from University of Michigan before venturing into businesses. He has co-founded various firms that have been a success. Additionally, He is married with three children. He is a philanthropist who has funded over fifty organizations that aid in charity. Eric Lefkofsky has also established charity fund that focuses on enabling scientific and education organizations around the world and enabling children.

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Why Jeremy Goldstein is a Respected Attorney in Corporate Law

When it comes to corporate law and its application in the industry, then most business professionals would agree that it is a fundamental aspect of running different enterprises. For instance, with corporate law being a legal practice, it becomes easier for corporations to run their organizations according to the statues of the legal industry.

Like Jeremy Goldstein illustrates it by the shaping of his career, corporate law dictates the manner in which businesses are controlled.

Who is Jeremy Goldstein?

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer practicing in New York. He is the chief executive officer of a law firm called Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Primarily, this firm deals with the provision of services to different business ventures, associates and entrepreneurs among others. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

Moreover, the company thrives in its dedication to provide competitive services to clients through a clear set of objectives. As such, Jeremy Goldstein has dedicated most of his time to making sure that these corporations receive some of the best services.

A Look at His Experience and Contribution

Apart from being the major share holder of the firm, Goldstein has additional responsibilities including serving as the head of the American Bar Association. In this organization, he oversees mergers alongside acquisitions within the sub-committees.

Other than that, Jeremy Goldstein boasts of having extensive experience when it comes to practicing in the legal sector. This is evident because he has been instrumental in instigating very helpful compensation insight to business ventures.

Additional Information

Other than that, Jeremy Goldstein is a studious individual who holds impressive academic credentials from the New York University, Cornell University and the University of Chicago. From the three institutions, he majored in business administration and legal studies.  Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

The General Observation

Always defined as a dedicated individual who worked her way up into the legal corporate ladder, Goldstein is obsessive with helping people accomplish their targets. Consequently, over the past twenty years, he has been advising businesses to issue better compensation schemes for employees.

With that said, he has always highlighted the value of using knock out options when it comes to rewarding employees. According to him, this is a better incentive scheme because it bears lower tax burdens.

Also, he advises employers to tone down on stock options because they come with a lot of expenses in the businesses. By issuing such insightful advice, Goldstein has won the hearts of many high profile corporations. Conclusively, Goldstein is not just an attorney but also a role model especially to employers.


Special Attention Paid To Fashion by Academy of Art University

While art is mostly thought about as drawings and motion pictures, Academy of Art University is paying a lot of attention to fashion as a form of art. One thing that is happening these days is more attention is being paid to fashion. Both men and women’s fashion is seeing a bunch of experimental items. This is actually an exciting time for fashion because men and women are given the opportunity to try on some new looks that could possibly bring out a certain side to them that they haven’t noticed before. For instance, there are a lot of items in the men’s section of some stores that men have not seen that much of. However, wearing these items brings out a sense of adventure for the man.

A lot of the designers that go to the runways with outlandish designs have gotten their education from Academy of Art University. Some of the unique design that are turning up at designer stores come from people who have been studying at Academy of Art University. They have learned all of the different fabrics and materials to use. They have also learned how to design to size and other aspects of fashion.

One of the reasons that fashion is becoming more recognized by people is that they are aware that it has a subtly effect on the individual. In many cases, people who dress a certain way are going to feel a certain way. Their feelings are going to change with each outfit. Even people who shun fashion are going to find themselves feeling different with a different style. They will also notice that people treat them a little different according to how they dress. Academy of art University encourages people to not only design good looking clothes but also design creative outfits.

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