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Tony Petrello’s Success Pursuit

In the world full of chief executive officers and other corporate executives, Tony Petrello is one with an interesting background. Tony grew up from humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey into leading a great land based drilling company. He did not stop there but moved on to help millions of people with research funds on global neurological infections all over the world. Tony’s life is full of success stories and turning around of worse situations into effective lives. His career is one that has had fulfillment. In 2015, he was counted as the highest compensated Chief Executive Officer in the entire United States. He was serving at Nabors Company. Tony’s success story is far beyond his work at Nabors. His achievements are related to his natural skills, the ability for creative thinking, and hard work expressed in different ways.

Apart from his career, it is not enough saying without pointing out Tony’s dedication to giving back to the society. More specially, Tony has worked hard to give aid to the children who suffer from neurological disorders. Tony’s life is full of admiration and worth emulating. It is also important to understand the basics of who he is today. Tony attended public schools. It is in high school that his special abilities in math became outstanding. His prowess in mathematics accorded him an honor for a scholarship award from Yale University. While at Yale University, Tony was under the mentorship of the famous Serge Lang: A very brilliant mathematician, professor, and author. Tony was very outstanding during those times. Tony Petrello graduated from the university and later went on to enroll for law in Harvard Law School. In 1979, Tony joined the law firm called Baker & McKenzie where he specialized in business law. He mostly handled issues involving arbitration and taxation. During this time, Tony realized that he had a hidden passion for business and upon that; he became a managing partner in 1986. As he worked at this law firm, Nabors Industries was one of the clients to the company. Nabors was founded in 1968, and it operated on contracts around natural gas, geothermal, and oil drilling projects and equipment. As he worked with Nabors as their clients, the company was impressed by the work that made them to strongly recognize him. They, therefore, began their intentions to hire him in their company due to his strong natural abilities. He joined the team of executives at Nabors where he functions excellent, and he has labored for positive impacts here.

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Sheldon Lavin Lands a Prestigious Award

Sheldon Lavin is an American investor who wears many hats. The businessman is currently a leader in the hospitality department. Lavin holds the position of chairman in the board of directors and president of a very popular organization called OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has taken this position with a lot of dedication, and he has ensured that the food processing company expands and reaches more customers in the international market. Getting to such a top position in the corporate world, especially with the high competition is not an easy job. Sheldon Lavin had worked his way up the global market because of his honesty and hard work. His skills in finance have been playing a very important role in his success.

When Lavin enrolled in the university more than fifty years ago, he wanted to pursue a degree in finance because this was his passion. The businessman always felt that he was only going to excel when practicing a career in finance. After working hard at the university, the businessman graduated with a degree in finance. Like all of the graduates in the country, Lavin was equipped with adequate skills to venture into the American market and practice the skills he had acquired at the university. Lavin was hired by some local companies where he worked for several years. After a short time, the businessman decided that he was going to start his consultation firm.

The decision to start a financial consultation firm came after Lavin realized that he was highly experienced in most of the matters that were giving people in the market sleepless nights. The businessman knew that he was going to offer Americans the best financial services when starting his company. The firm did not last for a long time. Lavin abandoned his career in finance so that he could join OSI Group. In his new role in the hospitality department, the businessman had to work hard and show that he was the best candidate for the position he had just been offered.

Thanks to the career achievements of the renowned finance executive, one of the leading platforms has awarded Sheldon Lavin. Getting such a prestigious recognition in the American market is quite tough. Lavin has shown a lot of excellent qualities when it comes to the management of the global food company, and this are the primary reasons he was nominated for the popular award. Lavin legacy in the hospitality department will be remembered for decades.

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OSI Group Completes New Deal with Baho Foods

OSI Group has always been the leader in the meat processing department. The global firm is not a stranger to success. When the company hit the American market several decades ago, its founder had high hopes that it was going to grow and offer customers the best products. OSI Industries has thrived in the competitive market, and it has been opening branches and covering new markets every day. The leaders who have been appointed in the global firm have played an instrumental part in making OSI Industries successful.

Not long ago, OSI Group CEO announced that his company had just landed a new deal that was going to make things better for the consumers. According to Sheldon Lavin, the global firm will now be the owner of a Dutch company that is known as Baho Foods. Baho Foods is not a strange name in the food manufacturing department. The company focuses on the manufacture of convenience food, snacks and deli meats. The Osi Industries has been very fortunate in its operations, and it has managed to meet the demands of its customers in the world. The company has, however, refused to disclose any financial terms of the recently concluded transaction. The leaders of both companies have said that they are both happy about all the terms of the transaction.

The acquisition of Baho Foods will be a great investment opportunity for OSI Group. The two companies are expected to work as one team so that they can all impress the customers in many parts of the country. Baho Foods will help OSI Group to establish and at the same time enhance its presence in the market. The customers who are expected to benefit from the transaction are those who are based in Europe. The brands from Baho Foods will be able to complement the ones that have been produced by OSI Group in this region. The company has great professionals too who will help OSI Industries to reach its goals in the market.

Baho Foods currently has five subsidiaries that are processing foods for consumers in Netherlands and Germany. All of these institutions will work with the primary goal of making OSI Group better in the market. Professionals holding any position in Baho Foods do not have to worry about the new change of ownership. The two companies have agreed to retain all the company employees so that everything continues to run smoothly.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Growing Success

Whitney Wolfe has changed the online dating scene. Wolfe is the Chief Executive Officer of a popular dating app called Bumble. But how did Whitney Wolfe gain her success over the past few years?

Whitney Wolfe, a Salt Lake City native, attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas as an international studies major. From the very start, Whitney Wolfe was an ambitious entrepreneur. At just 19 years old, she started her first business. Her business was centered around making bamboo tote bags after the BP oil spill that hit the Gulf Coast extremely hard. Whitney also met her husband in college.

In 2013 Wolfe met Michael Herd during a Christmas vacation in Aspen, Colorado. From there, their love blossomed. Just two years later, June 2015, Herd proposed to Wolfe. In September of 2017, Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd got married at the Villa Tre Ville Positano along the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Over the years, Bumble has gained popularity among the online dating scene. Bumble has over 20 million users and promotes the idea of a feminist approach. When a heterosexual match is made, the women must make the first move. This is, of course, different from other dating apps and websites.

Whitney Wolfe also expanded the Bumble name into two additional branches. The first of which is Bumble BFF. This branch of Bumble was created so people can continue to create friendships with each other and take a step out of the dating scene. On Bumble BFF, you can find a workout partner, a best friend, partner in crime, and explore new friendships.

Wolfe also created Bumble Bizz. This branch promotes the ideas of empowerment of career moves you can make yourself. There you can find professional mentors to help you expand your business or career. Bumble Bizz is more ideal for networking.

Whatever path you choose to take on the Bumble app, you will benefit from it. Whether it is finding a best friend, a partner for a serious relationship, or even finding a mentor and creating a network for your business–Whitney Wolfe can help you there.

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OSI Industries: Meal Innovations To Marketplace

OSI Industries is rewriting the books on custom-food solutions, and it has plenty of evidence to backup all claims. Whether it’s known as meals-to-marketplace, or it’s known as concept-to-table, OSI Industries demonstrates this notion to the fullest. Developing unique foods is something that this company does on a regular basis. When a client comes to OSI with a concept, that concept has a high chance of coming to life. OSI Industries has some of the top professionals in the business that specialize in specific sector. This make-it-happen mentality is what all clients are seeking, and it’s one of the many reasons to why this company is at the apex of its class.

Custom-food creations is no easy task. Unlike other similar companies who tend to go at it alone, OSI Industries works with its clients throughout the development process. Every specification and instruction will be thoroughly implemented into the product. Thanks to the company’s network of creative components, clients will more than likely be thrilled with the end-product. OSI’s food development capabilities consist of:

• Product Ideation

• Concept Development

• Shelf Life Studies

• Sensory Analysis

• New Product Development

• Ingredient procurement

• And many more

OSI Industries wasn’t always a powerhouse in the food service industry as it started out from very humble beginnings. Though the company has well-over 100 years of experience, it actually began in this business as a place to where people bought fresh meat products. That’s right! It was known as Otto & Sons back in the day thanks to its family heritage. As the old saying goes, “you must evolve with the times, or you’ll get left behind.” OSI Industries did exactly what this notion stands for, and it is now trendsetter in global-food solutions.

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Paul Mampilly Feels the Cryptocurrency Bubble is About to Burst

As a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and founder of its leading newsletter Profits Unlimited Paul Mampilly has seen investment trends come and go and feels that the current rush for cryptocurrency is a trend that will soon reverse, and he believes that the investors will start to see a downturn in the price of internet coins as demand for these coins begins to weaken and the market becomes saturated with different kinds cryptocurrency offerings. Comparing the contemporary cryptocurrency market to that of the “” stock boom, he finds many similarities in how investors have clamored for this newest investment vehicle.

Paul Mampilly is uneasy with the current values assigned to of varied internet coins. Because a cryptocurrency’s value is intrinsic, there are no outside and independent measures of its true value and unlike a national currency, which is generally backed by its government a cryptocurrency doesn’t have a guarantee of worth and its value hangs solely upon investor demand. There are too many options and those current options are overvalued. Read this article at

While Paul Mampilly believes in the viability of the blockchain technology and its continued applicability as a “universal” means of digital exchange, particularly in global transactions, and will eventually reduce banking fees and offer a secure online medium of exchange. Right now, however, Paul Mampilly believes that the internet coin bubble will burst, and much like the internet stock crash of 2000, it will devastate the portfolios of investors who purchased currencies at the markets inflated peak.

With a promise to reanalyze the investment potential of blockchain technology after the current bubble bursts, Paul Mampilly concludes that it isn’t a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies, their value is too unstable and the potential for total investment loss is very high. In the future, however, the possibilities for investment and growth will be there. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Market America Continues To Prove Critics Wrong

Market America is a multi-level marketing initiative established in 1992 by both Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger with the latter being the CEO and President. While Market America has a presence in virtually every part of the world, its head-office is in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

As at 2016, its revenue was estimated to be $791.1 million and its total assets were estimated to be worth $146.1 million. As at 2016, its number of employees had risen to more than 800. The site offers products like weight management products, water purifiers, custom websites, dietary supplements, cosmetics, auto care, jewelry, personal care products, and household cleaning items.

What makes the company different is that it offers the products through several affiliated companies. It acquired, its retail store web domain from Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. In 2002, the company expanded its operations to Australia and it later expanded to Taiwan in 2005.

It later expanded to Hong Kong, Philippines, and the United Kingdom in September 2007, October 2010, and February 2012 respectively. Market America wasn’t done. It later extended its presence to Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia in 2012, 2014, and 2017 respectively.

Market America’s business model

The company sells products manufactured by other firms. However, the products are sold by only Market America. The company has partners that sell its products. These partners are known as independent distributors. Independent distributors pay monthly fees to the company.

The distributors earn money by bringing in new partners and by earning commission on their sales. Right now, a new independent distributor will pay $399 as the startup fee and will also pay $129 monthly fee. Their representatives also operate as independent contractors and they spend between $130 and $300 on products. In addition, representatives need to attend seminars and training event s and these events cost between $20 and $200 each.

At some point, critics of the initiative rose up. They kicked against the idea of telling new independent distributors that they can rise to the level of becoming financially independent when the scheme cannot go on forever.

According to pundits, its rapid growth is not worth celebrating as it is normal for such schemes to get to a stage of maximum momentum after which their profit will begin to plummet and that is what Market America avoids by extending to other countries. This remains a mere speculation since the company’s profit still continues to increase tremendously.

Successful Businessman Shiraz Boghani Makes Time for Charity

Shiraz Boghani is a multi-faceted man with many talents. Boghani hails from Kenya but has been an official UK resident since 1969. He studied and worked in accounting at Thomson McLintock & Co. After many years in accounting, Boghani found his passion for the hotel industry and began his 30 years plus career in the field.

Shiraz Boghani was one of the founding partners of Sojourn Hotels LLP and is still a chairman. He is also chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, one of the largest and fastest growing hotel groups in the United Kingdom. His success continued when in 2016 he was awarded the Asian Business Awards Hotelier of the Year.

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One might ask why a famous hotelier like Shiraz Boghani would enter the medical field, but the answer is simple, he knows how to make people feel comfortable. For over 20 years Shiraz Boghani has been joint chairman and founding partner of Sussex Healthcare with Shafik Sachedina, a dental surgeon with many community ties. Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985 and offers specialized care for individuals with neurological problems, dementia, learning disabilities and more. There are over 20 Sussex Healthcare facilities helping the elderly and disabled throughout the UK that offers a wide variety of treatment options including round-the-clock care in their residential facilities.

It can easily be said that Shiraz Boghani has had a very successful career in the hotel and healthcare industries. He has a favorite charity that he supports as a way of giving back to his community as well as internationally. The Aga Khan Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to fight poverty and hunger while improving people’s quality of life. The foundation also empowers people by arming them with resources, finances, and education to improve their lives long-term while also meeting their immediate needs. Shiraz Boghani is a successful man in multiple fields of work that has a special place in his heart for giving back, and as he continues thriving Boghani will continue to help others.

Robert Deignan Impressive Entrepreneurial Progress

Robert Deignan the Entrepreneurial Guru

Robert Deignan was a renowned marketer best recognized for his excellent performance records and co-founding ICE, LLC 6 years ago, now referred to as ATS Digital Services. He is also the current CEO of the company. Before ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan worked as the Executive Vice President at IS3, Inc., for over nine years. Here he helped the company soar to greater heights through his managerial and marketing skills. Earlier on he helped set up Franlink, Inc. Mr. Deignan went to Purdue University and is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management holder. This was after attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School.


Under his guidance and leadership, Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services has made impressive progress. In July 2017, ATS Digital Services became the first call center to be certified by AppEsteem Corporation. This means that they are now able to deliver premium support services to its clients. The certification process involved meeting all thirty-nine compliance requirements by AppEsteem. Mr. Deignan dutifully ensured the success of this process and saw to it that they attained the respected work certificate.

When asked on his thoughts about the company he helped establish, his sentiments were very impressive. He stated that the foundation over which the company is founded is comprehensive, consumer-centered compliance. This paved the way for transparency and allowed for operational procedures at the highest levels possible. These attributes, instilled by the CEO, are the reason ATS Digital Services has delivered technical support services to many thousands of satisfied clients. Furthermore, the provision of assistance by his company is not only through the telephone but also via remote access screens technologies. Mr. Deignan has also ensured his company is the best in consumer-friendly procedures and practices in the country. Ethically, Robert Deignan has guaranteed that his company and employees do not indulge in unlawful or unethical practices. This is projected by the company’s clean record and solid reputation among customers and peers alike over the years. As a team player, Mr. Robert Deignan is described as a delight to work with my workmates.

Sahm Adrangi Doesn’t See KodakCoin Paying

While most people think of investments as betting for a company’s success, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital have issued a short position on the stocks of the Kodak Company. This report has gained the attention of many individuals organizations including CNBC. With Sahm Adrangi shorting Eastman Kodak, he and his company are set to make a good profit if Kodak fails.

Sahm Adrangi has been known for years with his accurate predictions of the failures of companies and he doesn’t appear to have lost his touch. He is not afraid to say what everyone else doesn’t want to say, no matter if it is to his business peers or social media. This does not bode well for Kodak as Sahm Adrangi believes their latest efforts are just an attempt to shovel a little bit of water from a sinking ship.

Kodak recently announced new systems that are centered around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, things that Sahm Adrangi thinks just don’t make any sense for the photography industry. While their new KodakOne and KodakCoin projects may look good to the casual observer or the photographer, but Sahm Adrangi believes they are essentially doomed and Kodak is headed towards inevitable bankruptcy.

While the stock of Kodak did see a significant increase in stock prices directly following their announcement, Kerrisdale Capital does not see these stock prices having any longevity for the company.

There are even people within Kodak that have gone public with their opinion that these new products just won’t work. It is believed by many that blockchain technology will do little to nothing to protect the assets of photographers. To make it even worse, one of the main people that Kodak hired to assist with the development of these products is business partners with someone who has been convicted of security fraud. There are internal problems in Kodak as well as 5 members of their board have been found to be partaking in unscrupulous trading that some believe will lead to an eventual investigation from the SEC.

All in all, none of this looks good for the Eastman Kodak Company, but it looks great for Kerrisdale Capital and their investors.

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