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OSI Group LLC is a privately owned premier international food provider. The holding company has its headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois, and it basically deals with food retail services. The company was previously known as Otto & Sons named after the founder Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. After several years of operation, the company later on changed from Otto & Sons to OSI industries. The company was one of the four McDonald’s meat suppliers. As McDonald expanded its services, OSI industries prospered and increased in size.

OSI carries out its operations in the United States and has its plants in Geneva, Utah, Wisconsin, California, Fort Atkinson, Lowa, Oakland, riverside and West Jordan. The company also has over 65 facilities in seventeen different countries of the world. OSI group supplies meat in china’s fast food chains including Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. Some of the OSI Group products are poultry, pork, hot dogs, meat patties, fish, bacon, dough and vegetable products, and pizza among others.

OSI Group has its core values that govern them as they serve their customers. They include team work, acts of integrity, continuous improvement, carrying out the best for the group and also seeking partnering relations. OSI Group facility has received several awards for the time it has been operational. In 2016, the company was presented with the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. They received the award as a result of their continued efforts and exemplary management of environmental risks.

OSI Group LLC has recently acquired the Baho food which is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks and deli meats serving retail segments and the food service. During the acquisition, any financial terms were not publically disclosed. According to the Chief Operating Officer, who also serves as the president of OSI Group, David G. McDonald. Adding Baho Food to OSI Group gave it a wider presence in the entire Europe.

Baho food has five running companies which include the Vital convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren and Henri Van de Bilt. It also has processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. The team of managers at Baho remained part of OSI Group business so as to work together and share ideas on the growth strategy of the newly formed company.

According to John Balvers, the managing director of Baho Food, he is proud of being part of OSI Group due to the company’s exemplary relationship with its suppliers and customers.

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