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The Evolution of The Chainsmokers

When it comes to new music in the pop world The Chainsmokers are the group that is talk of the town. This group has managed to make as much as 38 million dollars within the last 2 years. This seems like an astronomical amount for a duo of producers that have barely made more than a couple of singles, but this is not the only area where these singer shine. There are also producers that write and make hits for others. This is where the money comes into the pop industry, and the duo that has made a name for others are now using songs like “Sick Boy” to make a name for themselves.

The thing that has made people start talking about the s

“Sick Boy” single is the darker and edgier tone of this song. The lyrics are more cutting-edge and the beats are darker than what people may have been accustomed to. This is all a part of the plan that The Chainsmokers had to separate themselves from what was considered their normal sound.

When they were in the production stages of their work in music it was obvious that they were producing those hits that catered to the needs of the artist that they were working with. When this duo writes and produces music for their own records they have a greater amount of freedom. They have another level to go into edgy and do the darker beats if this is what they desire to do. They had already tried some of the pop sounds that propelled the EDM movement, but now this group wants to get more into the darker electronic sounds that resonate through “Sick boy.”

The Chainsmokers are proving that the hits that they write are relevant to the millennials of this day. They have a sound that people can relate to in pop music, and it makes them a hot group that has managed to keep up with big name artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. They have received Grammy nominations and accolades for billboard for this type of stellar production.

José Auriemo Neto & Family Take an Extended Trip to New York

José Auriemo Neto – a well-respected entrepreneur and JHSF’s board of directors chairman – has taken his children and wife, Mariana, to New York. This seemingly sudden move is temporary and expected to last only 6 months. While the family is sure to enjoy their stay in the Big Apple, it won’t be all just for pleasure. Neto’s children have all been enrolled in local schools for their extended trip.This family trip also comes shortly after the construction of a particular high-rise building with full, 5-star JHSF service. This construction is on Fifth Avenue and overlooks beautiful Central Park.

These luxury apartments will not be for sale, however, despite what many were hoping. They will be available exclusively through renting. Though the apartments’ rental status may be a surprise for some, the brilliance behind this amazing investment strategy has not. This promises to be quite the success for both JHSF and José Auriemo Neto.JHSF is a well-respected, publicly traded Brazilian real estate holding company. It has four businesses which operate out of three different capitals.

It specializes in luxury accommodations and services, such as international airports, residential and commercial markets, and upscale hotels. José Auriemo Neto has helped to ensure the company’s continued success by both establishing great connections across the country and continent, as well as using great sustainability practices. He and JHSF are both highly thought of in several countries, including the US. It’s no wonder that he’s brought in several amazing reviews and awards for the company.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis spread economic opportunity with Jeunesse Global

As Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis approached their late-60s, the couple had done and seen it all. The health and beauty industry stalwarts had founded dozens of companies, many of which grew into highly successful businesses. They had long ago earned enough money that they never would have had to work another day in their lives if they had chosen not to. But the passion they had for creating great health and beauty products and helping others to achieve their health and economic goals was enough that neither Ray nor Lewis had ever seriously considered retiring.

However, now they believed that the time had come to hang it up. The couple retired and made it through their days for a month or two. But they quickly realized that their industrious nature simply didn’t make them cut out to sit around the house doing nothing all day. Soon, Ray and Lewis had begun selling a few products out of the garage of their sprawling Florida mansion. This marked the beginning of Jeunesse Global.

Because the couple had far more money than they would ever need, Jeunesse was a different kind of health and beauty company from the get-go. Rather than dedicate their lives to accumulating more wealth that they would never be able to spend anyway, Ray and Lewis decided that with Jeunesse they would solely concentrate on creating revolutionary products that addressed unmet market needs as well as creating genuine economic opportunities for those located in areas of the world where they didn’t have the same chance at success as those born in more advanced countries.

One of the areas in which Ray and Lewis chose to focus was East Asia. They knew from personal experience that the people of East Asia were extremely intelligent and hardworking. Yet the region had long suffered under the stifling oppression of hardline communist governments. Ray and Lewis bet that this would be one of the most promising areas of the globe to start spreading the gospel of U.S.-style capitalism.

They turned out to be right. Today, Jeunesse Global ranks among the fastest-growing health and beauty companies in the world. Much of that growth is attributable to East Asia.

Heal and Soothe Your Aches and Pains Naturally

Incessant pain can make normal things take lots of time. Getting off the couch at night can be difficult for people who have aches and pains located all over their bodies. Doing a little bit of shopping at the local grocery store can be a chore for people who have a number of aches and pains as well. Heal-n-Soothe is a natural option that can accommodate many people who have been toiling in pain for ages. The formula, true to its name, strives to heal and soothe individuals. It involves systemic enzymes that can help people regain control over their lives. It puts them to work alongside 12 impressive pain relief choices that are fully natural, too. These natural choices are papain, ginger, bromelain, rutin and beyond. Systemic Enzyme Therapy has been bettering lives for people the world over for more than five decades. It has been simplifying getting rid of pain and aches for a dazzling half a century now. People in many nations have relied on it. Enzymes function to safeguard the body against the stresses of inflammation. If an individual believes that inflammation may be causing intense pain, enzymes could be helpful. They’re in no way classified as anti-inflammatory medications. They simply battle inflammation by tackling biochemicals.

Proteolytic systemic enzymes can do a lot for people. Studies suggest that these enzymes are able to function all over the human body. They can do this as a means of battling frustrating inflammation. They can do this in order to clean blood, deconstruct scar tissue and strengthen immune, respiratory and cardiovascular processes. People who are searching for formulas that can offer blood purification may admire proteolytic systemic enzymes and all of their actions. People who are searching for assistance with scars may admire them all the same.

Heal-n-Soothe makes use of citrus bioflavonoids. L-glutathione is the name of a compound that’s simple to find in nature. It defends the body against oxidative destruction. It accomplishes this by functioning as an effective buffer of sorts. Heal-n-Soothe can tend to people who want to abandon fears of perpetual aching and discomfort.

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Eric Lefkofsky And The Work At Tempus

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is widely known for his work at one of his most recent creations. The company Tempus is working in tech development and has recently started contributing significantly to medical research and biotech. Mr. Erik Lefkofsky is working as the leader of the business.

In addition to his roles in Tempus, Mr. Eric Lefkofsky also holds the title as co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, an American global e-commerce marketplace. Over the course of his career in business, he has established and co-founded a number of businesses in a variety of industries. Most of the companies, however, are working in the tech industry as well as in the telecommunication business.

For the past few years, Mr. Eric Lefkofsky has been focusing his efforts on Tempus. The business has an important mission and has been working with many medical institutions, research centers, and academic institutions, as well as other organizations. Tempus has the goal of revolutionizing cancer medicine and promoting evidence-based research.

Having has been established only four years ago, Tempus has been ranked among the most prominent health tech startups in the United States of America. Many believe in the company and swear it will bring about a new time in medicine as it mentions and research.

The company does extensive cancer testing. That includes RNA sequencing of tumors, sequencing of the germline DNA of patients, immune system characterization, drug testing, pathology, medical imaging, and many other procedures.

Tempus aims to compile all of the information from cancer patients into one giant database. Tempus has developed a powerful software to compile the information and analyze it digitally. The company aims to find clues for improving cancer treatments and to start creating personalized cancer therapy treatments for patients.

Over the years, Tempus has had some difficulties with extremely expensive procedures, need to develop software that read handwriting from compiled doctors’notes, and so on. The business is working using donations made by investors and other people to achieve their goal.

One of the leading believes that drive the company and Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is that there is more to discover and the next discovery might just be the game-changer everyone needs.

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Ricardo Tosto: Getting Help With Business Legal Issues

Are you looking for a business lawyer in Brazil? Need a powerful lawyer with great expertise in litigation?

Litigation is a complex area of law and requires a through understanding of the process. If you are going through a tough legal situation that is likely to end up in litigation, you need to hire a competent attorney. Ricardo Tosto knows what works and how to represent clients effectively.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a reputable attorney and business law expert. Ricardo Tosto focuses on litigation and has been providing outstanding services to entrepreneurs and businesses for more than 22 years.

As a leading corporate and business litigation attorney, Ricardo Tosto provides legal service to clients throughout the Brazil. He runs a reputable law firm in Brazil and is committed to providing excellent service, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs hesitate to consult a lawyer until they encounter a legal problem. It is not advisable to run a business without having a lawyer on your side. There are laws that you need to be aware of. Legal issues can be frustrating and difficult to handle without the advice or guidance of an experienced lawyer.

If you are starting a business, or if you want to take your business to the next level, you need to consult a good lawyer. A knowledgeable business or corporate lawyer can advise and guide you properly, to ensure that you comply with all applicable rules and regulations, and contact him.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho helps clients with all aspects of corporate formation and operation. Ricardo Tosto routinely educates his clients and ensures that they understand the advantages of various business structures, including partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. He also helps them in selecting the right entity for their needs, and

Ricardo Tosto is a highly skilled lawyer and can draft and review legal documents for his clients. Numerous business owners, organizations and institutions turn to him for expert assistance and representation. He works hard to protect his clients’ legal rights and guide them in making the best decision for their specific situation, and read full article.

Alternative Banking Solution PSI Pay

PSI-Pay Background & Description

In today’s world, more and more of it is becoming computerized or modernized to include technology. Virtually everything is being upgraded with state of the art technology and is allowing for a more safe, secure, and reliable world. That being said, this also includes the banking and financial security world as well. With many individuals simply choosing to store their money in banks, the world around the is continuing to offer more and more alternatives for financial storage and security. In addition, with various banks being at the hands of hackers and identity theft individuals, more and more people are seeking these alternatives for a more reliable way of storing their money. With all of that said, one of the more prominent alternative banking solutions is none other than the company PSI Pay. This alternative, since its establishment in the year 2007, has been providing tons of people with the opportunity to combine technology and financial security in one service. As amazing as that sounds, PSI Pay has much more to its credit. Having established themselves as one of the most highly-regarded banking alternatives, PSI Pay has steadily increased the number of its members year after year. There are many ways that PSI Pay is different from its competitors and also, many ways this alternative is doing accomplishing that. So, to get a better understanding as to how and why PSI Pay is continuing to prosper as a banking alternative company here is more on PSI Pay and its many accomplishments and accolades.

More on PSI Pay & Its Banking Alternative Successes

AS mentioned before, there are many ways that PSI Pay has steadily attracted new members since its establishment. In fact, if we were to sit here and talk about them all, we would be here for a very long time. However, some of the main ways they have benefited its members are by providing top-notch efficiency, transparency, and clarity with its members in everything they do. In reality, this is one of the main reasons for why PSI Pay is continuing to add members and expand to different areas. Whether it’s breaking down the ways they handle regulation, card issuing, or their overall solution, PSI Pay is providing easy to understand financial security that seems to attract more and more customers. Not to mention the ways they have separated from its competition with their dominant social media presence, upgraded financial transaction systems and so much more, and it is easy to see how much PSI Pay has continued to thrive in such a competitive field.

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Highland Capital Management Supports Bush Center Again With $10 Million

In support of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, Highland Capital Management has provided a $10 million endowment gift. This will assist in supporting a number of the Bush Center’s public programs. Engage at the Bush Center is one of those programs and Highland Capital will serve as the presenting sponsor. Authors, newsmakers, and thought leaders provide lectures as part of the series. They also engage in discussions.

This isn’t the first time Highland Capital Management has supported the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The investment firm has contributed over $5 million to the center since 2012. They served as a founding benefactor of Bush Center Facilities’ development. Read more about Highland Capital at

The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. For over three decades, Dondero has been working in credit and equity markets. He is set to join the executive advisory council under the CEO and president of Bush Center, Kenneth Hersh. Highland Capital Management’s first sponsored event in the series will be held on Feb. 5. This will be a two-part program in partnership with the National Constitution Center. Those wanting to attend will be pleased to know that admission is free. You have to register to gain access to the event.


To get a grasp of Highland Capital Management’s history, you’ll have to go back to 1993. That’s the year Dondero and Mark Okada founded the alternative investment firm. The company began to soar in May 1997. Dondero and Okada bought Protective Life’s stake in PAMCO. Ranger Asset Management, L.P. then became an independent advisor. In 1998, the name was changed to Highland Capital Management. Today, the investment firm has over two decades of experience. The knowledge of products within the company ranges from retail to institutional investors. The team has been 180 employees and they come from around the world. Visit to know more.

Talk to your therapist with talkspace

Talkspace is a service that allows you to talk to your therapist. You are not obligated to go to the office like the old fasion way. With the help of your mobile phone, you can easily have a conversation with your therapist. Talkspace claim to now have 1000 professional working with 500000 patients. The company recently signed a deal with Magellan Health, which will provide Magellan clients with on demand psychotherapy. Talk space services starts at $32. The online therapy field is still growing and talkspace is planning to be a big runner.

The company understands that face to face meeting with your therapist can not be replaced with phone conversations. However, they are doing everything they can to make the service something that can change lives. It might not be able to replace meetings with your therapist but It will be of great assistance to patience who have to make multiple visits to speak to a therapist. The services also benefits those who might not be able to drive to a therapist office. The ultilization of the service can only rise at point because. Its a fairly new product. The company is working hard to take their share of a growing market.

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