Sussex Healthcare Employment Opportunities

If you live in the United Kingdom and are looking to get your foot in the door on working in healthcare, then Sussex Healthcare might be the best option for you. They have several portions opened right now.

Sussex Healthcare offers patient care services for older people and specialist care for other adults with learning and physical disabilities. If you know that this is your filled of interest, then it is best to fill out an application to get hired.

Sussex Healthcare was created in 1985. It has its headquarters in Warnham, United Kingdom. Respite, dementia, special adult, and palliative care are just some of the services offered. The elderly and disabled are also able to get educational and recreational services as well. There are several locations through the United Kingdom where patients can go. East Grinstead, Billinghurst, Henfield, Horsham, Purley, Nutley, and Sharpthorne provide the same services as the one in Warnham.


There are several jobs available and you can apply online with your mobile device. In Horsham, there is a need for a Support Worker, Registered Manager, Pre-registered Nurse, Deputy Care Home Manager, Registered Nurse, Newly Qualified Registered Nurse, Associate Dentist, and Care Assistant. The Support Worker position requires both the night and day shifts. The Billinghurst, Henfield, Nutley and East Grinstead locations are also in need of a Care Assistant. At the East Grinstead location, a Clinical Nurse Auditor is needed as well as the same registered nursing positions that the Horsham location is in need of. The other locations need registered nurses as well. In order to qualify for those particular nursing positions, you must be licensed. Other jobs for any of the locations include:

• Administrator
• Dental Receptionist
• Registered Mental Health Nurse
• Health and Safety Lead
• Care Home Unit Manager
• Weekend Driver
• Director of IT
• Activity Assistant
• Domestic Assistant
• Kitchen Assistant
• Senior Care Assistant
• Team Leader
• Activity Coordinator
• Laundry Assistant

There are many more opportunities, and these jobs offer great pay and benefits. Some of them are part-time. You would need to get in touch with Human Resources when choosing to start your career here. Sussex Healthcare has been business for over 25 years and provides excellent on the job training. This company also offers great benefits such as a pension, uniform, paid breaks, and a free staff bus to get you to your job. Apply online today to start your journey to an exciting career.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just click here.

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