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Jay-Z Looks For Buyer For Roc Nation After Live Nation Separation

Popular American rapper Jay-Z music will no longer be purchased by the highly influential music, entertainment and talent company, Live Nation. This news comes after it came to light that Jay-Z’s massive 150 million dollar with the Goliath entertainment group, which he signed with Live Nation in 2008, will be coming to a end this year which produces a bit of complication for the musician and his team as well as a bevy of new opportunities.  Check this on

The complications arise due to the fact that both Jay-Z and Live Nation have a stake in the rapper’s rising own entertainment company, Roc Nation and given that their deal up now either side is incentive to sell their stake in the company, in whole or in part which would leave whoever buys all the shares as the majority owner of the company, if that is, both sides do not just sell the company outright to a third party.

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This aforementioned third party option seems the most likely outcome due to some other recent news, namely that a CEO of the Universal Studios Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge staged a meeting with both Jay-Z and his primary business partner, Desiree Perez, the executive manager and lead organizer for Roc Nation. Follow Dez timeline activities, hit on

It seems as if UMG (Universal Music Group) is seeking a deal with Ms. Perez and Jay-Z with the most likely topic under discussion to be the sale of Roc Nation. Additional information, such as the fact that UMG already has a music distribution deal with Jay-Z and co. also seems to reinforce this hypothesis, however, only the time will tell what the future will hold for the company and its artists. Continue reading on

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Whitney Wolfe: Influential Technology Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe is an American businesswoman whose became well-known because of the dating apps that her company has developed. She is the current chief executive officer of Bumble, and one of the co-founders of the viral dating app called Tinder. As of today, both Tinder and Bumble are in the top ten most popular dating apps, reaching as high as first place for Tinder and fourth place for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has been recognized by different publications: Fashion business Insider considered her as one of the Most Important Women Under 30 in the field of technology; Elle named her as one of their Elle’s Women in the field of technology; and finally, Forbes included her name in their 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Whitney Wolfe never imagined that she would someday become one of the most influential women in the field of technology. She graduated from the Southern Methodist University where she got her degree in International Studies, and while studying, she sold bamboo tote bags which has received national press when celebrities were photographed having them. After graduating, she decided to go to Southeast Asia and volunteered inside orphanages. Her career in the field of most popular dating technology began when she was 22, and joined a company called Hatch Labs. She worked on small projects like the start-up Cardify, but it was later abandoned. Soon, she partnered with several people and created the dating app Tinder in 2012. She was appointed as the vice president, and has been a key contributor in fueling the app among campuses, making it viral. Whitney Wolfe left the company in 2014, and partnered with Badoo founder Andrey Andreev create another dating app, called Bumble.

Launched in December 2014, Bumble gave women the ability to gain more control compared traditional dating apps. In male-female matches, only the female is permitted to start the conversation. With same sex conversation, either one of them could initiate the talk. All users must reply within 24 hours, because the match will disappear if there are no replies made. The app was highly popular, as it managed to receive 80 million matches and 15 million unique conversations one year after its launch.

When Kevin Seawright Sets His Mind to a Project

In the world of accounting, it remains a rarity to come across individuals who possess a wealth of knowledge pertaining to finances. Moreover, finances remain one of the most difficult aspects of the business world. This remains attributed to the difficulty of maintaining financial reports for companies. However, a few business professionals managed to navigate this uncharted territory. Moreover, these businessmen have built a reputation for themselves by becoming reputable around the East Coast.

With that being said, Kevin Seawright remains the individual in reference. For those unaware, Seawright remains an esteemed businessman from Baltimore. During his youth, Seawright knew that accounting remained one of his passions. Moreover, Seawright has received several awards and accolades worldwide for his knowledge of the financial industry.

Furthermore, he receives a substantial amount of news coverage regarding the education of accounting. According to Crunchbase, it remains easy to see why Seawright enjoys the success that he has today. Currently, Seawright serves as Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation. In fact, Kevin Seawright has a career spanning several years.

From 2012-2014, Kevin served as the Executive Director of Operations in Maryland. Throughout his career, Seawright remained responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of state, federal, and city funds. Aside from his lucrative career, Kevin also remains renowned for his ability to generate an immense amount of profit.

Moreover, Seawright hails from an educational background. While at Almeda University, he earned a master’s degree in accounting. In total, he possesses over 13 years of work related experience.

Throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Kevin Seawright has reshaped the way corporations plan financially. To expound further, he single-handedly transformed the way that corporations develop their revenue planning processes. As a result, his influence remains praiseworthy. Due to Kevin’s efforts, his company’s returns have increased by over 25 percent.

Moreover, he remains responsible for his company’s expansion and staff retention. Throughout his career, Kevin Seawright has held numerous high-ranking positions. In particular, these include working as a Budget Manager, Financial Director, and so forth. On numerous occasions, Seawright has remained a recipient of awards from companies such as Met Life.

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Do Not Undermine Capital Group

Unlike a game of Monopoly, investing is not something that a person can simply roll the dice and walk away from. Moreover, investing possesses two possible outcomes. For starters, investing can make someone extremely rich. On the other half, investing can bring someone into a complete state of poverty. Moreover, the similarities between investing and gambling remaining apparent. Furthermore, both of these things remain a high-risk endeavor. Moreover, neither one of these things can guarantee a victory. Furthermore, some investors manage to defeat the odds and become wealthy. In particular, these investors include Warren Buffett and Timothy Armour. For those unaware, these investors have managed to obtain an insurmountable amount of wealth.


To begin, Warren Buffett remains an esteemed investor in the investment industry. In fact, Warren Buffet remains one of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 50 years, Warren Buffett has used his expertise to reshape the investment market. Moreover, he continues to thrive in today’s investment economy. Since he began, Warren Buffet continues to use the same investment strategy. With that being said, Warren Buffett purchases and holds on to long-term investments. Recently, Warren Buffett competed against a group of hedge fund managers. During the competition, Warren Buffett vowed to give away $1 million dollars if he did not see a better return on his investment than they did. However, Warren Buffett won the competition. In his likeness, Timothy Armour remains another legendary investor. For those unaware, Timothy Armour remains the chairman of Capital Croup. For over 32 years, Timothy Armour worked tirelessly to become the man that he is today and more information click here.


Moreover, Timothy Armour dedicated his heart and soul to Capital Group. This remains attributed to Timothy’s involvement in the company’s growth in revenue. Aside from being the chairman of Capital Group, Timothy Armour also remains highly educated. While at Middlebury College, Timothy Armour received a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, Timothy Armour knew what he wanted to do at an early age. Moreover, his investment abilities remain innate. Therefore, it remained something exclusive solely to him. In closing, Timothy Armour remains a legendary figure at Capital Group and learn more about Tim.


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Lori Senecal is Leaving MDC Partners Agency CP+B

Lori Senecal will be leaving MDC Partners Agency CP+B (Crispin Porter + Bogusky) at the end of the year. She took the reigns as president and Global CEO of the advertising agency in March 2015. Since then she has helped instill into the company a greater entrepreneurial nimbleness and flexibility.

One of her successes was acquiring the American Airlines account. It was handled by TM Advertising for the last 25 years, but Lori Senecal successfully lured them over to MDC Partners Agency CP+B. An integral part of her leadership is making sure there will be a smooth transition when she retires, so she and the company chairman, Chuck Porter have been developing the new generation of leadership for the agency. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

There are already some promising candidates for the leadership of the organization. Danielle Aldrich was the managing director of CP+B Boulder. She was recently promoted to president of CP+B West, combining CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. Aldrich has shown her talent by bringing in the Hershey’s account and helping secure the American Airlines account.

Porter and Lori Senecal see their 10 offices as the ideal locations for recruiting promising regional leaders to elevate to national leadership. Their ten offices are led by regional leaders that are entrepreneurs dedicated to building their world markets. These leaders are motivated to share resources from one office to another, as this tactic results in a collaborative use of strategic and creative talent enabling CP+B to snag more client partners.

Senecal said that Danielle’s role was expanded from her existing role and that she was known for uncovering tough business challenges and solving those challenges in inventive ways was her resolution. Senecal will be leaving the business in tried and true hands. Of her leadership Chuck Porter had this to say about Senecal, “…we’ll be prepared for a smooth transition when Lori retires…” He made it known that the agency benefited greatly from her dedication, her focus and her creativity. Her last day will be when her contract expires at the end of the year.

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The Exceptional Career and Life of Susan McGalla

There is a notion in some people that a woman is a lesser being who cannot do what a man can do. This can be thought as something of a gone error, but there is a group of people who still believe in this. However, there is a woman in the United States who is out there to change this, and her name is Susan McGalla. She believes that women can also succeed in the corporate world like their male counterparts. While words can’t do her justice, perhaps the story of her life will help inspire one or two souls to achieve their dreams in life.


Susan McGalla believes that many governments are playing their role to ensure equality. For instance, there are policies to ensure that women and men working in the corporate world receive equal pay. Also, the number of women becoming executives is on the rise. According to Susan McGalla, this can be attributed to a special personality found in women allowing them to fit into many roles. The good thing about Susan McGalla is that she is conquering a field that was regarded as a male field. Also, she is courageous enough to inspire other women to succeed like her. Amongst her greatest skill that has helped her achieve in life is her networking ability.


All said and done, Susan McGalla is known for several things. Other than being hardworking, Susan McGalla is confident, versatile and passionate about what she does. She, however, warns women that they should not expect favors on a silver platter. Instead, they should work harder like their male counterparts. As of now, Susan McGalla is the acting chief executive officer and founder of a company called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This is a company that is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Other than P3 Consulting, Susan McGalla acts as the director of strategic planning for a company called Pittsburg Steelers. She is responsible for the growth and expansion of this company. Her greatest experience can be found in the field of clothing as well as retail. She has exceptional skills when it comes to areas such as talent management, marketing as well as branding and product merchandising. Soon after college, Susan McGalla was fortunate enough to land a job opportunity with a company called Joseph Horne Company. She worked with this company for eight years from the year 1986 to 1994. She has also worked with American Eagle Outfitters.


Eric Lefkofsky: Changing yhe Landscape

The internet and the rise of e-commerce have changed the traditional landscape of business forever. With so many independent business men and women making a living through their products, it can be difficult to sort through the noise to find exactly what you want. That’s why the market itself has had to change to accommodate these new businesses and how they are offered to customers. Even larger businesses cannot ignore the impact e-commerce has had on the world.

Enter Eric Lefkofsky. An entrepreneur and philanthropist from Southfield, Michigan, Lefkofsky is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, a massive E-commerce website. Lefkofsky, whose resume includes Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and the venture capital firm, Lightbank. Lefkofsky is also head of the philanthropic organization Tempus which provides research into human genomic data. This information, combined with a patient’s clinical data, helps provide physicians with a more effective perspective to assist with an individual’s healthcare.

As Chairman and CEO of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has directly contributed to the landscape of e-commerce as we know it. Groupon is a company that connects subscribers to businesses in their area by providing discounts, activities, goods and services. With over %80 of businesses stating that Groupon brought in new customers, and over %70 of customers having said they are likely to return to those businesses, Groupon helps provide exposure to new markets for small businesses. With the user subscriber base counted in the millions, with markets in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Toronto, Groupon’s impact is undeniable. Lefkofsky himself provided one million dollars in seed funding to help build Groupon into what it is today and learn more about Eric.

By connecting businesses directly to customers, the deals offered on Groupon open entirely new markets that a business may not have had access to. And for the customers, they may be exposed to services or goods they never would have tried or known existed. Groupon connects over 20 million users in 500 different cities. With such large numbers, Groupon, and by extension its CEO Eric Lefkofsky, have changed the way we interact with small businesses.

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