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Madison Street Capital: The Undisputed Industry Leader In Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital is an internationally acknowledged investment banking firm serving both public and privately held businesses. Since establishment, the company has been charged with the responsibility of evaluating different business opportunities and offering sound advisory services to their clients. Madison is mainly known for its ability to identify and quickly respond to opportunities and adequately match sellers with potential investors.

Maintaining unstained reputation in the industry
Since establishment, the company has tested and implemented various relationship building strategies between buyers and sellers and perfected ones that ensure mutual benefit. Additionally, the company has established extensive financing capital outsourcing leads that they introduce their clients to ensure smooth transitions. This ensures that Madison Street Capital’s reputation remains intact even after intense transactions.

The company is actively devoted to integrity and excellent service delivery while putting into consideration time sensitivity of corporate finance. Their many years of operations in different industries have enabled the company gained an all-rounded experience in dealing with investment options. Some of the company’s areas of operation include in handling
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Capital restructuring
• Private placements
• Corporate governance
• Bankruptcy services
The company is also committed to providing companies with the necessary expertise in areas that might compromise a smooth transition. For instance, Madison is continually helping other companies across the industry in tax compliance as well as tax planning based on the understanding of the hurdle such non-compliance may pose a threat to the company’s transition. Additionally, the company also conducts business valuation prior announcing sales, a decision that helps management in making critical business decisions regarding compensation and revenue division in advance.

Cross-border deals
Having started in Chicago, Madison has overstretched the national borders and established local presences in various parts of the world. The company first ventured into the Europe market before diversifying into North African as well as Asian markets. According to Madison’s management, the company has also instituted a global marketing concept that helps extend business relationships, networks, and interactions between the different players.

The company is continually receiving accolades from both local and international press for their input in the market. Madison has particularly been recognized as the fastest growing investment banks serving the lower-middle as well as middle-market international businesses.

Madison has also scooped several awards and recognition from different reputable institutions and association in the past. For instance, the company currently holds the national awards for the Refinancing deal of the year as well as the Cross-Border M&A Deal of the year, both of which are recognition of its most recent activities. Such awards are a mere representation of the industry leading path the company has adopted as well as an illustration of the heights the company is willing to scale.

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How An Egg-Shaped Lip Balm Surpassed Chapstick

According to an article in Fast Company ( consumers have purchased cylinder tubes of original, cherry and mint Chapstick for more than 100 years. In 2009, the EOS company began selling natural and organic orbs of lip balm in inviting pastel colors. Retail locations like Walgreens, Walmart and Target began stocking them on their shelves. Articles were appearing in Allure and Cosmo, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were seen using these lip balms. This company now sells more than Blistex and Chapstick and is only second behind Burt’s Bees.

EOS, short for Evolution of Smooth, was founded by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Debitsky. Their research showed that women were the higher percentage of lip balm users, but they often misplaced the small tube. Lip balm containers were also favored, but thought not as hygienic when applying to the lips with fingers. The EOS lip balm founders also wanted their product to be fun and enjoyable to use. Relying on their own finances, a clay artist to create unique shapes, and a desire to make a product appealing to all five senses. Thus the soft, egg-shaped lip balm made from flavorful organic ingredients was born and offered to consumers at a competitive price.

Walgreens was the first store to stock this innovate new product thanks to the efforts of Mehra and another experienced sales person. Walmart and then Target followed suit. Online retailers Lucky Vitamin and ULTA soon began selling EOS products too!  To meet new demands and increase sales without having an outside manufacturer produce the inventory, the founders researched how to develop their own fully-automated production facility. They also targeted various marketing avenues like television and magazine ads, review on beauty blogs and discussion on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Celebrity endorsements also helped sell the product.

Revo and Blistex have recently come out with their own sphere-shaped lip balm. EOS is now selling more than one million lip balms each week. The company also markets hand lotion and shaving cream, and more products in different categories will be available in the future.


FreedomPop Expands Across the Globe and Saves Customers Money

The first four letters of FreedomPop spell the word “free”. Consumers have become desensitized to the word “free”. A lot of entities claim products and services are available without cost and, surprise, all those hidden fees emerge without warning. Such is not the case with FreedomPop. The mobile and internet service provider really does give its customers the free things originally promised.

As an article in PT Money suggests, FreedomPop is a company that delivers a service that a certain niche segment of consumers really want and need. That niche, by the way, is growing.

FreedomPop is a totally free cell phone service. The customer does need a smartphone and can buy a reasonably priced smartphone from FreedomPop. The phones sold by FreedomPop are excellent and diverse. Not everyone may like or need them though. Customers can always buy their own devices or use a smartphone they currently own. All that is required is the FreedomPop SIM card has to be slipped into place. Once the SIM card is installed, the customer must request service, 500MB of 4G data, be turned on. There are absolutely, positively no contracts involved with the FreedomPop service. Subscribers can cancel at any point they wish, but the “no cost” component means canceling service is unnecessary.

Anyone who is on the free plan can always “top up” by paying $10 once the allotment hits zero. No one has to feel their service is going to be inaccessible.

Upgrading to expanded service is possible. The fees associated with going beyond the basic 200 minutes, 500 MB, and 500 text messages are not much. Totally unlimited services costs a mere $19.99 per month. The amount is charged automatically to a credit card placed on file. Other options exist. $10.99 serves up unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data. $5 per month opens up options for accessing 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

FreedomPop is based out of Los Angeles and the startup has signed up over one million subscriber. The company has expanded beyond the United States into the United Kingdom and beyond. Don’t look for FreedomPop to slow down its global expansion. Wi-Fi service makes expanding even easier. Of course, the tremendous service FreedomPop provides aids the expansion the best. FreedomPop is delivering on what customers — and investors — want, which is why the success is so expansive.

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Town Residential Just Keeps Growing!

Town Residential is an extremely fast-growing residential brokerage firm. Just 3 short years after its founding, they opened the firm’s 10th outpost, located in Manhattan, in 2013. This new office brought easy access to a very important array of neighborhoods to the company.



Andrew Heiberger, who founded Town Residential in 2016, has leased the second floor of a 7,100 square foot space on W. 14th St, in the meatpacking district. The lease is for 15 years and the space boasts 16-foot ceilings and access to a roof deck. The flair of this space is truly reminiscent of the flair shown by Heiberger and his firm, Town Residential.



Heiberger believed this space would be the only brokerage firm with outdoor space for his brokers to work and meet with their clients. The area around the new office has fast become the epicenter of one of the hottest residential areas in the city. This area continues to grow, as more and more buildings have sprung up in the community.



The staff in the new space covers all the markets from Hudson Yards all the way down to Tribeca. This meatpacking district office space was only one of other high profile locations that were opened in a few months, including Town Residential headquarters just east of Union Square and a space in Greenwich Village.



Their motto is, “Our neighborhood, Your Home”. Town has cemented its prestigious position as one of the foremost luxury real estate services firms in New York. They have best-in-class customer service, continuous execution and an unrivaled team of representatives.



They specialize in luxury residential sales. Their services include leasing, sales of property developments and marketing, for both commercial and residential purposes. Town Residential has uncompromising principles and has established new standards of superiority in the real estate industry.



At the base of the firm is a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Between the staff and unparalleled service, Town Residential has received many accolades including Best Firm to Work For and one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. The firm’s leadership is proud to be industry leaders who give an unrivaled level of service to both their staff and clients.



They are led by executives, Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana. Under their guidance are a slew of amazing sales representatives, development staff, marketing and leasing specialists and creative staff. The staff’s expertise and experience has helped to make Town Residential the go-to firm for all of your luxury real estate needs. They have grown extremely fast and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. It’s easy to see why.




Solvy Offers Major Solutions

Solvy is a platform by which students are able to find the solutions that they need for their math problems. The site is designed so that people are able to get what they need from different things and this has allowed the people to be able to do different things when it comes to their math problems. Alexei Beltyukov created the site to offer these solutions to students.

Some students may struggle because they simply are not good at math. According to a video clip on Daily Motion,  Alexei Beltyukov created Solvy to give them the answers. Students who need to be able to show their work are able to benefit from this, too, because the site offers step-by-step instruction on how to get to the solution of the problem that students put into the site.

It gives them a chance to learn how to do the problem while also giving them the opportunity to see how to do the problems that they have.

When it comes to practice, people are also able to get the benefits that come with Solvy. The site offers practice opportunities for their students. According to, they are able to learn more about math with the options that Alexei Beltyukov put into the Solvy website.

Students can benefit from the practice since they may not get that type of help while they are in the classroom environment and while they are doing different things to learn more about the math options that they have to do different problems in different types of math.

Solvy is not the first business that Alexei Beltyukov has succeeded at. He has worked to create many different businesses and is a prominent person in the Russian business culture. He has made major waves with the businesses that he has and it has allowed him to continue to be successful.

He has seen a lot of success with the other businesses that he has. With that, he expects to see the same level of success with Solvy since it is a site that helps students out with all of the math problems that they have to do to pass.

I Always Have Handy Clean Up After My Hair Styling Business

I do hair out of my home because I run somewhat of a beauty shop there. My carpet gets torn up with all kinds of hair all over the floor, especially since I cut hair as well. I do the work in a section of my home that can easily be swept with a broom, but the hair seems to find its way all over my carpets downstairs as well as upstairs. Needless to say, I required the skills of a cleaning service to get my home clean every week. I take every Sunday and Monday off, so I always book a cleaning service to come on Monday.

The home cleaning service I’ve chosen is Handy because they’ve never made any mistakes when they come out to clean my home and are very precise. Along with vacuuming up every bit of hair that’s on the floor, they even dust any hair that may stick to the walls, and it’s only when I make a mess of things again that I need to call them back for their services. One week was particularly bad because I had ten different customers in one day, and I normally only have five customers maximum.

Since there was a holiday coming up, many women were coming in to get their hair done, which really took a toll on my carpet. I hate that my carpet looks a mess during the weekday when I perform my hair styling services, but Handy always cleans it right up. I’ve even gotten to the point where I decided that I wanted my walls painted a different color, so any hair that sticks to the walls won’t be so visible, so I chose Handy to perform those services as well. I didn’t even know that Handy performed painting services, but according to their price was much better than my family friend’s price.

I booked the painting services from Handy, and they came out on my free day, which was a Monday, and they painted the entire section I asked for within the same day. I really love Handy, especially since I was able to get the cleaner out on the same day as the painter. Since Handy has tons of workers in every city, I never have to worry about them not having enough workers to fulfill my needs as well as others, so Handy will always be my cleaning and painting company of choice.

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