Latino And Immigrant Voters, Now The New Target Of George Soros And Other Liberal Donors.

As the November polls draw closer, political temperature all over the country is rising. This is clearly a battle for the billionaires over liberty and freedom. On one side is George Soros, an all-time big political donor united with other liberal donors behind the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and on the other side is Donald Trump, an arrogant billionaire leading the Republicans. George Soros is a prominent democratic reformist and has been supporting democracy and human rights-minded leadership all over the world.

He is the founder of Open Society Foundation, a charity that promotes human rights and democratic governance all over the world. George Soros has been a Democratic supporter for some time know. He has even revealed that admires Hillary Clinton’s open leadership style. George Soros and Hillary Clinton have been allies for quite some time now as George Soros has greatly endorsed her candidacy for the presidential seat as a Democrat.

The new development on the Democratic side according to New York Times is that the party’s liberal donors led by George Soros were out to donate over $15 million to the efforts of rallying Latino and immigrant voters behind the Democrats. George Soros will be leading these liberal donors with a donation of $5 million which makes up to a third of the intended donation. This mobilization campaign is expected to take advantage of the native Republican campaigns which push for deportation of illegal Latino immigrants. The Republicans led by Donald Trump have also promised to build a high wall between Mexico and United States to prevent undocumented migrants from crossing the border. The Democratic billionaires hope to use their funds to propel rapid campaigns in areas that are if high immigrant population especially that made of Asians and Latinos such as Colorado, Florida and Nevada. The funds will be donated to an immigrant PAC known as Immigrant Voters Win. This effort is expected to bring more than 400,000 voters to the Democratic side a while after implementation. According to political analysts, immigrant voters especially Latinos will play a major role in determining who wins the elections.

The donation towards the Latino course us expected to sum up George Soros donation in this elections so far to $13 million. This is as the billionaire already pledged to give another $5 million donations to the Democratic campaigns to revisit the restrictive voting laws all over the country. The additional $5 million donations will bring George Soros close to beating his 2004 record of $20 million donation to the election funding. By this time, George Soros would have given $17 million in this year’s elections. But these figures are expected to change rapidly as elections approach as George Soros is expected to give more donations to his ally’s Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

The New York Times.

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I think many people will not be so pleased with foreigners making decision about the future leader president of their country. Anyways essayvikings discount code will help you understand the relationship deals that would make such voting possible and attractive to citizens. I like how George Soros fight for the immigrants right even if he was an immigrant too.

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