The DeVos Family from Michigan Supporting Marco Rubio in the Republican Presidential Primaries

In a recent interview with the Detroit News the wealthy DeVos family from Grand Rapids Michigan said they will be backing Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential primaries as their first option, Jeb Bush had recently opted out of the race due to his fourth place finish in the South Carolina primary. The support for Marco Rubio comes at a very critical time in the race as the endorsement by the DeVos family will also mean financial backing which he desperately needs in order to gain momentum and move forward. 

Dick DeVos said in an exclusive interview that they would like to help Marco Rubio gain momentum but he must continue to do what he does best. They will be supporting him individually and then later encourage others to do the same. Dick DeVos and the DeVos family are known to support Republican party politics as they have done so in the past. The families backing will provide the Marco Rubio campaign with financial backing as well as all the super PAC’s that are supporting him. 

Marco Rubio has had a tough race against Donald Trump the billionaire businessman. He recently finished in second place in the Nevada caucuses and the South Carolina primary and still has a long way to go to win his first state. Other heavyweights within the Republican Party have been asking John Kasich who is the Ohio Governor to leave the race in order to give Marco Rubio a clear path to challenge Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The DeVos family has had a long history of philanthropic engagements. Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation in the 1990’s and have since helped many causes among those are community and free market enterprise, educational and religious organizations.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

There have been many grants given to these categories in the past as these are things that are close to the DeVos family’s hearts. Kids Hope USA or the Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital are just a few of the grant recipients. In 2010 Dick DeVos also opened the large West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Dick began his long and lucrative career at Amway where he climbed the corporate ladder until he eventually became President and CEO (source: After bringing the company unforeseen success, DeVos left to pursue his own business and even became the President and CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic for a time. To learn more about his success as a businessman, click this link to see his full resume.

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