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Slyce Can Help Find Perfect Wedding Clothing

Finding the right clothing and accessories for a wedding is far more difficult than it might seem. Sure, flipping through countless wedding magazine after wedding magazine might seem like a great idea, but most of these items are especially expensive, and even if you want something similar you might not know where to turn to. Well, that is why Slyce is such an incredible application to use. It is new technology designed to help you find exactly what it is you want, without being forced to settle for something you don’t, simply because you were unable to find it. This new technology can help with everyday shopping, but it is also able to assist with your wedding as well.

Slyce is the designer of a visual search service. This visual search service allows individuals such as yourself to snap a picture of clothing, an accessory, shoes, bags or really anything else with the mobile phone. The image can then be uploaded to the mobile application, which then searches a database growing by the day in order to pinpoint not only the exact item, but similar items. This way, you can see where it is available, locate different prices for the one item and also find other locations where similar objects are available. After all, weddings can quickly become expensive, so saving a few dollars here or there is a great way to cut down on the overall budget of your wedding.

The library for Slyce has been growing every single month. More and more companies are signing up with Slyce to have the objects listed within the database. Most of the largest retailers around the world have signed up and now there are over a million different items found. It is a fantastic way to snap pictures with a smart phone. But where is someone able to snap pics with there smart phone? Anywhere really. Is there a picture in a magazine you want to know about? Sure thing, just take a picture and let Slyce help you out. Or, maybe you are at a bridal show and you want to know where someone picked up an amazing pair of shoes. This application can help with this as well. There really is no limit to what the app is able to do, which is why it is such a perfect addition for planning any wedding, no matter what the budget is.

A Great Way to Make Sure That Stray Animals Have a Warm Place to Stay This Winter

There have been many people who have had the sad experience of taking a stray animal they find on the streets of New York City to an animal shelter and have been turned away. They felt that the best thing for the animal was to place it in a shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter did not have the funding that was available or the space that was needed to take in more animals. This is a serious problem that animal shelters in New York City and in other places are facing. Fortunately, there are some people who are trying to do something about the problem. For example, Ross Abelow has decided to raise money for animal shelters in New York City.

In January 2016, Ross Abelow launched a campaign that will benefit strays in the New York City area. He wants to raise $5,000. Once this goal is met, all of the money will be donated to local shelters. The money will be used to address some of their biggest problems. More space can be attained where animals can be sheltered. Also, there will be more cash on hand to purchase things like food and blankets. Many of the animals that are brought to New York animal shelters need medical attention. The money can be used to pay vet bills and also to purchase medicine and vaccinations.

It is important for individuals to realize that this is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed. When animals are not in shelters during the cold winter months, they suffer and some even die. Even if an individual can only donate a small amount, the money they donate will be appreciated. The best way for people to help with this campaign is to use the Go Fund Me account that was set up by Ross Martin Abelow. People can make small donations by means of this account. If a lot of people make donations, this problem can be addressed as soon as possible.

Lots of people like to follow the Facebook and Mashable pages that have been set up by Ross Abelow. He regularly post new information that is helpful to readers. He is a New York City attorney who has more than 25 years of experience working in family law. Besides placing information on his Facebook and other social media accounts, he also maintains a personal blog where he posts information that has to do with legal and financial issues.

Prudent Investment With Madison Street Capital

Common sense dictates that investments have to done in a prudent manner that reduces the risk of loss. This, however, does not underrate an entrepreneur’s guts to take a risk in order to do business. It would therefore not make sense, nor be right, to invest in an entity which has numerous liabilities and is in the verge of collapse. It is therefore in order to conduct a close scrutiny of the companies in which you are going to invest in so that you do not loose your money in dying investments. The question remains, given the technical nature of accounting information, how does one determine that an investment is right and likely to earn them interest? Madison Street Capital comes in handy to advise you on the best possible choice that you can make.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm which offers mainly financial advisory services. This company, located and registered in Illinois, has come to stand out as one of the best in investment advisory services. The firm specializes in providing financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, buy outs, bankruptcy, reorganization and restructuring, private equity services, hedge fund advice and administration, financial asset management services and private placement advisory services. According to Madison Street Capital has established itself in Illinois to be the most credible firm in valuation of good will and other intangible assets.

This firm has, over the years, been successfully advising clients and overseeing investments of millions of dollars by their clients. It has had partnerships with middle- market firms to assist in assessment of complex business transactions. Further, its staff is well versed with the all tips of corporate governance in all levels of business. This experience and knowledge singles out Madison Street Capital as the firm of choice. The firm, in the spirit of ensuring full customer satisfaction, has put in place a policy that requires each client’s case to be assessed independently. In that regard, it is the client’s specific needs and potential that guide matching of buyers and sellers, mode of financing and capital structures.

According to Madison Street Capital has been successful over the last number of years. It earns annual revenues estimated at over $130,000. It has established offices in Africa, Asia and North America. Its success however is not limited to financial services. The firm has been engaged in social responsibility activities. The United Way and Madison Street Capital have had engagements in which Madison Street Capital would donate some of its earnings to United Way.

Latino And Immigrant Voters, Now The New Target Of George Soros And Other Liberal Donors.

As the November polls draw closer, political temperature all over the country is rising. This is clearly a battle for the billionaires over liberty and freedom. On one side is George Soros, an all-time big political donor united with other liberal donors behind the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and on the other side is Donald Trump, an arrogant billionaire leading the Republicans. George Soros is a prominent democratic reformist and has been supporting democracy and human rights-minded leadership all over the world.

He is the founder of Open Society Foundation, a charity that promotes human rights and democratic governance all over the world. George Soros has been a Democratic supporter for some time know. He has even revealed that admires Hillary Clinton’s open leadership style. George Soros and Hillary Clinton have been allies for quite some time now as George Soros has greatly endorsed her candidacy for the presidential seat as a Democrat.

The new development on the Democratic side according to New York Times is that the party’s liberal donors led by George Soros were out to donate over $15 million to the efforts of rallying Latino and immigrant voters behind the Democrats. George Soros will be leading these liberal donors with a donation of $5 million which makes up to a third of the intended donation. This mobilization campaign is expected to take advantage of the native Republican campaigns which push for deportation of illegal Latino immigrants. The Republicans led by Donald Trump have also promised to build a high wall between Mexico and United States to prevent undocumented migrants from crossing the border. The Democratic billionaires hope to use their funds to propel rapid campaigns in areas that are if high immigrant population especially that made of Asians and Latinos such as Colorado, Florida and Nevada. The funds will be donated to an immigrant PAC known as Immigrant Voters Win. This effort is expected to bring more than 400,000 voters to the Democratic side a while after implementation. According to political analysts, immigrant voters especially Latinos will play a major role in determining who wins the elections.

The donation towards the Latino course us expected to sum up George Soros donation in this elections so far to $13 million. This is as the billionaire already pledged to give another $5 million donations to the Democratic campaigns to revisit the restrictive voting laws all over the country. The additional $5 million donations will bring George Soros close to beating his 2004 record of $20 million donation to the election funding. By this time, George Soros would have given $17 million in this year’s elections. But these figures are expected to change rapidly as elections approach as George Soros is expected to give more donations to his ally’s Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

The New York Times.

Securus Makes Video Visits Easier

I have become a fan of Securus because this company has managed to make inmate communication so much easier. I have seen how the company has been able to transform the lives a lot of families, and I am all for this type of change. I have really embraced with this company is doing, and there are a lot of families that praise this company for making communication easier for their loved ones that are behind bars.

I have recently read that video visitation through Securus software has been heighted through the 84,000 service units that have been created by this organization. Hundreds of thousands of people are also connected to the app. That makes it very easy for people like myself to simply download the app and get connected with people that I know that are locked away. This is something that has become very simple, and I think that this is what is making Securus the company to pay attention to. You can get the app for Android here >>

This is a great company because it is bringing technology to the forefront in the correctional facilities. Many people have become fans of this type of technology that is presented by Securus. This company has made it a lot easier for people to avoid visiting the prison altogether and get rid of the hassle of inmate phone calls.

I believe that Securus Technologies is one of the most popular companies for the prison system because it has worked so closely with the law enforcement industry for so long. This company has been able to transition into a lot of areas with investigation software and monitoring applications. The video visitation may be much better because this software is used inside and outside of the prison. Many of the other Securus applications down through the years have been used solely for internal use. The software designed for this video visitation software, however, is being used by prisoners and their families on the outside. If having any difficulties, contact customer support to get the software connected to the app.

When this company brought 84,000 service units into play that was impressive, but it appears to only be the beginning. Many other people are watching this company, and this innovative software is definitely in demand. 

Ross Abelow Opens A GoFundMe Page For Animal Shelters In New York

Ross Abelow is a notable lawyer in New York City who has worked in many different parts of the city assisting clients in entertainment, corporate and marriage law. Ross has made many friends over the years, but he has a soft spot in his heart for stray pets. New York City is a large place where stray animals roam, and shelters help care for these animals especially during the long winters. This article explains how and why Ross Abelow started a GoFundMe page for animal shelters in the city.

#1: GoFundMe Allows Ross To Manage His Own Page

Ross has created a fundraising page on GoFundMe that will collect funds for animal shelters across the city. The shelters will use their funds to help stray animals who are struggling during the harsh winter, and Ross plans to leave the page open as long as possible. The funds will be distributed to as many shelters as possible to help as many animals as possible.

#2: Ross Is An Experienced Professional

Ross is an experienced professional in New York City, and he has made friends over the years who would be happy to donate. Ross has advised large corporations who are in need of assistance, and he has negotiated contracts between large corporations and individuals many times over. Ross is known for his ability to treat clients fairly, and he is lauded often for his abilities.

#3: Ross’ Clients Walk Away Happy

Ross has worked in the entertainment and marriage law business for many years, and he mediates his own cases to ensure a proper settlement for everyone involved. Ross has mediated divorces that were reached amicably, and he has reached deals with entertainers who were in need of personal services, incentives in their contracts and brand new deals that pay properly.

#4: Helping Animals Helps The City

Helping stray animals makes New York City a much kinder place, and Ross Abelow has a heart for animals that cannot be denied.  Ross has adopted animals himself, and he wishes to bring more stray animals to good homes in the future.

The GoFundMe campaign by Ross Abelow will help the stray animals of New York by funding shelters. He plans to raise $5000, and the project will continue once the first goal is met.

Follow Ross Abelow on Facebook!

The DeVos Family from Michigan Supporting Marco Rubio in the Republican Presidential Primaries

In a recent interview with the Detroit News the wealthy DeVos family from Grand Rapids Michigan said they will be backing Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential primaries as their first option, Jeb Bush had recently opted out of the race due to his fourth place finish in the South Carolina primary. The support for Marco Rubio comes at a very critical time in the race as the endorsement by the DeVos family will also mean financial backing which he desperately needs in order to gain momentum and move forward. 

Dick DeVos said in an exclusive interview that they would like to help Marco Rubio gain momentum but he must continue to do what he does best. They will be supporting him individually and then later encourage others to do the same. Dick DeVos and the DeVos family are known to support Republican party politics as they have done so in the past. The families backing will provide the Marco Rubio campaign with financial backing as well as all the super PAC’s that are supporting him. 

Marco Rubio has had a tough race against Donald Trump the billionaire businessman. He recently finished in second place in the Nevada caucuses and the South Carolina primary and still has a long way to go to win his first state. Other heavyweights within the Republican Party have been asking John Kasich who is the Ohio Governor to leave the race in order to give Marco Rubio a clear path to challenge Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The DeVos family has had a long history of philanthropic engagements. Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation in the 1990’s and have since helped many causes among those are community and free market enterprise, educational and religious organizations.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

There have been many grants given to these categories in the past as these are things that are close to the DeVos family’s hearts. Kids Hope USA or the Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital are just a few of the grant recipients. In 2010 Dick DeVos also opened the large West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Dick began his long and lucrative career at Amway where he climbed the corporate ladder until he eventually became President and CEO (source: After bringing the company unforeseen success, DeVos left to pursue his own business and even became the President and CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic for a time. To learn more about his success as a businessman, click this link to see his full resume.

George Soros 2008 Prediction


George Soros is a legendary trader and speculator. He made his mark by racking up 30% profits year after year for 30 years. From 1969-2011 his hedge fund continued to rack up profits of 20% a year for each of those years.

In the 1980s he decided to pursue a second career in philanthropy. He set up Open Society Funds to encourage people to respect one another and work for the common good. During these years he has written several books, essays and commentaries on world events.

One of his recent comments on Bloomberg was directed toward China and the chaos that China is creating that is spreading around the world. He stated: “China has a major adjustment problem. When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of 2008.’

China has gone through an industrial period similar to that of the United States from 1850 through World War 11. The difference is that China is going through this upheaval in an interconnected world. What China does affects the rest of world economies. The first phase was the rapid export driven economy where China was expanding its infrastructure and piling up huge capital reserves.

The crash of the US Stock Market in 2008-2009 turned the world upside down. An estimated $7 trillion of household wealth vanished overnight in the US alone. Faced with a loss of market share China is now trying to rebuild its economy toward a consumer driven one. This transition is painful. China is now putting the brakes on its wild expansion. To compete in world markets China is devaluing the Yuan and cutting back on imports of commodities. Commodity driven economies are near or at recession levels. Stock markets around the world are in a state of chaos.

Chinese leaders take a long view when it comes to changes in their economy. They have set a goal of 2020 to make the transition to a consumer driven economy. They plan to increase the Yuan’s convertibility and gradually dismantle capital controls.

The Brains Behind Talk Fusion Is Bob Reina

Are you in need of a reliable way to share video messages with friends, family, employees or other businesses? There’s a huge secret in video messaging that just came across my desk, and I wanted to share the company with everyone. This might be a good company to watch if you are an investor, and I know it’s a great company to get involved with if you are interested in MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or direct selling opportunities.

Talk Fusion: The Biggest Name In Video Communication

Video communication was not really a thing when this company first came out. They were one of the pioneers of the industry, and since they started out, Talk Fusion has remained the leading brand of video communication in the market. They have the best products and services to offer anyone that could benefit from sending and receiving videos through email, messaging services, and video blogging. They also offer high quality video conferencing and webinar services. Talk Fusion is the most affordable and best quality brand of video communication services on the market.

The Brains Behind Talk Fusion

Behind every great company is a great team to support the decisions that the company makes. Bob Reina is the man who organized this company. He made Talk Fusion into what it is today. Bob Reina had a vision that started Talk Fusion. He actually conceived of the idea way back in 2004, when he was trying to send a medium sized video (about 10 minutes long) over his email, and the internet provider wouldn’t allow a video that long to be sent. He knew that it could be done, so he pulled together a team to do it.

Bob Reina found the technology experts that could guide Talk Fusion into the right outlets. He also found marketing experts to help get the company started.

European Union Problems Become Urgent For George Soros

Hedge fund legend George Soros believes the future of the European Union is something we should all be concerned about as the continent wide political and social community reaches what he believes to be a crisis point. Soros paints a bleak picture for the future of the EU in an interview published by his own Website, which he believes allows himself and those around him to be prepared for the worst case scenario of a European collapse that could occur in the coming months. Problems caused by Russia, a rising migrant crisis, Greece, and the referendum on a British exit from the European Union will all come to a head in the coming year.
George Soros has not changed his view of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which he has previously stated is not favorable after Merkel mishandled the Greek debt crisis; the view of Soros is that Merkel has improved her leadership skills by trying to handle the refugee crisis in Europe with a more long term view. However, the end of the open society the European Union was created for is something George Soros believes is in sight as member nations close their borders. Soros agrees with Merkel that the open society is important for the future, but believes Russian aggression in Syria is designed to drive more refugees into Europe to cause increased economic and social strain.

Hungarian born George Soros has been seeking to invest in Europe and provide assistance in the form of his own Open Society Foundations, which were recently barred from working across Russia after being seen as a security threat. The crisis in Greece is something Soros has been extremely vocal about since the problems became public in 2009 with Angela Merkel struggling to cope with the pressures the problems in Greece have caused. Soros believes the end of the Greek crisis will not come while the nation remains part of the Euro zone single currency.

In contrast, George Soros said on Bloomberg he believes it is of vital importance for the U.K. to remain in the European Union as the country only makes Europe stronger. A British exit will come to the fore in June 2016 when a referendum is held on the issue, which George Soros believes should be completed with a vote to remain in Europe as British trade benefits greatly from being part of this market. However, Soros fears the majority of the British public will vote for an exit, which will only place more pressure on the often rumored collapse of the European Union.

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